WATCH: Say bonjour to these hidden gems of Paris

2018-07-06 19:00 - Saara Mowlana
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The French capital not only offers a wealth of top-notch sites, but also many hidden gems. French photographer Serge Ramelli devotes his time to explore these gorgeous locations off the beaten track.

If you're tired of the Eiffel Tower and other tourist traps, why not try one of Ramelli's favourite spots?

Canal Saint-Martin - Eastern Paris

Ramelli says, "Most foreign tourists don't know anything about this place and only a few French tourists come here." Making it perfect to escape into Parisian life as you watch ships pass through the town.

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Passage des Panoramas - Paris street

Built in 1799 the shopping arcade predominantly attracts locals - allowing you to immerse yourself into the culture of quaint cafe's wedged in even more quaint shopping centres. 

Museum Arts et Métiers - Paris

The museum has been housed in the deserted priory of Saint-Martin-des-Champs. It is home to some of the collections from the city's Arts et Métiers museum. Among the other treasures, you can also see the original pendulum built by French physicist, Léon Foucault, which demonstrates the earth's rotation. 

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Avenue de Camoëns - Paris

One of Ramelli's favourite things to do is seek out different perspectives of some of Paris's most iconic sights. At Avenue de Camoëns you get a different and beautiful perspective of the Eiffel Tower, without the horde of people in your shot. 

Jardin de Plantes - Southeastern Paris 

The French capital also holds a range of tranquil spots, like the Jardin de Plantes  - which is quite favoured by locals. It is a garden in the heart of Paris that allow you to unwind and relax in the peace and quiet with the sounds of nature and chirping birds.

#curiosity 45 gardeners are employed by the Jardin des Plantes. The garden belongs to the National Museum of Natural History. In my opinion, this is one of the most pleasant places in Paris for a sunny walk. More than 15,000 plants are planted and maintained on 24 hectares of gardens. It is one of the most beautiful Parisian gardens! #curiosite 45 jardiniers sont employés par le Jardin des plantes. Le jardin appartient au Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle. A mon avis, c’est l’un des lieux les plus agréables de Paris pour une balade ensoleillée. Plus de 15 000 végétaux y sont plantés et entretenus sur 24 hectares de jardin. C’est un des plus beaux jardins parisiens ! #curiosidade 45 jardineiros são empregados pelo Jardin des Plantes. O jardim pertence ao Museu Nacional de História Natural. Na minha opinião, este é um dos lugares mais agradáveis de Paris para uma caminhada ensolarada. Mais de 15.000 plantas são mantidas em 24 hectares de jardins. É um dos mais belos jardins parisienses! ©? ?? @creatividie

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Merci - Les Marais district of Paris 

For those looking for a niche shopping experience, let me say you welcome for the mention of Merci. This eclectic concept store sells everything from fashion to home furniture and accessories.

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Huré Bakery - Les Marais district of Paris

Not far off from Merci lies this culinary nook. You can be sure to enjoy delicious cake and tarts.

A quiet square right behind the famous Sacré-Cœur Basilica - Paris

You're lucky if you find the company of about three pigeons in this secluded square. But, you can enjoy the incredible view of the converging lines that lead up the Basilica. So get creative with your new perspective shots of the iconic sight.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica serge ramelli

The Sacré-Cœur Basilica. (Photo: Serge Ramelli)

But do not fret if you find yourself feeling like Icarus to the sun of tourist attractions - they are dubbed that for a reason - and the reason is the view is spectacular.