WATCH: Largest book dominoes in the world? Bizarre day of art events in the Dutch European Capital of Culture

2018-07-10 11:28 - Saara Mowlana
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Leeuwarden-Friesland in the Netherlands is one of this year's European Capitals of Culture.

Over the weekend, it hosted a chain reaction that saw hundreds of objects toppled in an event marrying music, technology and entertainment. 

The celebration, dubbed 8ste Dag (the eighth day), takes place on 8 July and was inspired, choreographed and orchestrated by local artist, Marten Winters

"The eighth day," Winters explains, "is in a way based on a domino effect. So, if you have blocks and one is tilting to the other, you get a chain reaction and we made a chain reaction through the town in the centre and one thing will tip the other and it will go on."

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Leeuwarden is the capital of the Dutch Friesland province and is also the 2018 European Capital of Culture along with Valletta in Malta.

The town earned its title with the celebratory day that rounds up all of its residents in the name of arts and fun. The event this year included a total of 47 activities - each of which only lasts about a few minutes and the followed quickly by the next event.

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One of the activities saw a giant domino effect take place at the town's public library. Thousands of books were painstakingly set up leading up to the event only to topple down in a flowing display of a literary domino effect. They had aimed to break the Guinness Book of Records' number of about 10 200 books to prep 12 000 for the display. 

While they had managed to toppled 10 400 books, Leeuwarden failed to set the record as the books needed a little nudge at times, which goes against Guinness rules, but was still quite the spectacle to behold.

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At 13:00 on the day black smoke signals the start of the event - and dominoes and books aren't the only things toppling.

Demonstrations of Aikido fighters to extreme haircuts for a good cause, 8ste Dag has a range of festivities for the locals to partake in. Heck, the mayor of Leeuwarden, Ferd Crone, even organised an obstacle race with cows for the festive day!

However, fret not, no actual cows are involved - but if you're suited up for the occasion why not make a moo-ve to this event!

The festivities had successfully brought the town together in a display of bizarre and entertaining events.

Check out some highlights of the event below:

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