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2018-07-13 16:30
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Stockholm has been described as a floating city because of all the surrounding islands. Water defines daily life in Sweden. So hop onboard a boat to explore the city. 

With a full one-third of the area of Stockholm being water, taking ferries is part of daily life for travellers and locals alike in the city. Many people have ascribed to this fact a sense of calm that permeates life in the city.

Spread over 14 islands, there are more than enough stops to and sights to take in. On Kungsholmen island, visitors can explore an island bustling with activity as bureaucrats scupper about on this island that is home to the Stockholm city hall. On Gamla stan, make sure to check out the Royal Palace and the Old Town. 

Many of the best sights in Stockholm are best reached from the water like the famed Vasa Museum, the most popular museum in Scandinavia. This bustling city, with most of its sights accessible by water, is noted for its creative culture - much of which travellers are able to see by exploring the city. 

This creativity is especially noticeable on the southernmost island of Södermalm. The creative heart of the city is filled with trendy citizens enjoying all sorts of artisanal fare from foods made with locally-sourced ingredients or design collectives filling the homes of many a Swede with unique decoration and designs. 

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Grandpa is one such place. This cool little concept store not only sells garments but also locally-designed interior decorations. Woodstockholm, run by a design collective,  is another cool creative space that not only designs, produces and sells furniture but also runs a bistro in the same space. 

For a chance to experience one of the newest attractions in Stockholm, head to Artipelag located on the city's outskirts. This art gallery and cultural centre is found at Värmdö. The natural surrounding of the place has clearly been highly considered in the utilisation of the space with evidence of the landscape's influence in not only the exhibitions but in the architecture too. Nature is part of the exhibition here. 

The locals in Stockholm may seem hard to reach but if you really want to make friends and meet with people some of the Stockholm locals have some advice - be upfront and just talk to them, don't be shy. Even if it takes a while to make friends with the Swedes it won't take you long to fall in love with Stockholm. 

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Plan Your Trip to Stockholm, Sweden: 

  • Do SA residents need a visa: Yes a tourist visa is required - Read more about that here
  • Currency & exchange rate: Swedish Krona - SEK1 = R1,51
  • Main Airport: Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  • Airlines that travel there: The major airlines are Ryanair, British Airways, Norwegian Air, Finnair, Qatar Airways, Emirates and SAS. Search for flights here.