WATCH: Hyenas snag warthog kill from lions (Warning: graphic content)

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Any person that has been on safari can attest to the fact that lions are often found asleep during the hot hours of the day. This particular morning was no different - at first.

Upon deciding to view the lions on a morning drive, any expectations of them remaining in their relatively shady spot were proven wrong. The two lionesses began to stretch and yawn, both signs of lions becoming active. They were soon up and walking towards a small watering hole nearby.

Their demeanour drastically changed and they began to stalk a herd of impala that had already taken the relatively dense thicket. The unmistakable sound of alarm calls of the impala signalled that the hunt had begun.

To the amazement of the onlookers, in the midst of the chaotic hunt, the lions had managed to catch a panicked warthog. The warthog began fighting and screaming and continued fighting for about fifteen minutes.

The frantic noises of the kill and the alarmed impala drew the attention of nearby hyenas.

Soon, many hyenas had gathered and the fight was on. The one lion left just in time whilst the remaining lionesses stayed behind a second or two too long and received a few bites as she made her hasty retreat.