WATCH: Bird corpse left dangling from plane after strike

2017-11-15 19:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - A plane flying from Mexico City to Miami experienced a bird strike, with the bird's body still dangling from the plane.

According to local ABC news station Local 10, Flight 1498 had an unfortunate run in with a very large bird as it landed at Miami International Airport on Tuesday.

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Bird strikes are fairly common in the airline industry, but what makes this incident unique is that the bird's body remained attached to the plane's nose, its head stuck in a hole.

Animal services came to retrieve the body, while the damaged plane was sent to maintenance. No passengers or crew were harmed.

Airports in South Africa have integrated bird and wildlife management programmes to reduce bird strikes and keep our feathered friends away from runways. Wildlife Control Officers at airports check on birds and other wildlife while patrolling, which generates reports used to reduce attractions around the airport that may attract birds, like standing water and long grass.

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They use GPS devices and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help pinpoint problem areas.

BirdLife South Africa told News24 that the risk of collisions between birds and aircrafts are million-dollar accidents, ranging from causing damage to delaying flights. They use radar scanning, firing blank shots or deploying trained dogs to chase them away.

Watch Local 10's video report on the unusual bird strike below.

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