WATCH: A stargazer's guide to the galaxy in 2018

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Stargazers from across the globe have many astronomical wonders to delight in this year. From super moon sightings and numerous meteor showers, to a total lunar eclipse on 31 January and a partial solar eclipse on 15 February, 2018 boasts a feast for those with a wanderlust for space.  

In a video shared by Hashem Al-Ghaili, those who are passionate about the cosmos will take pleasure in viewing this depiction of the major celestial events and wonders that we simply cannot miss in 2018. Some of the highlights include that Mercury will be at its greatest eastern elongation on 15 March, while Mars will be closest on 27 July, among other events.

However, take note that both the June and December solstice in the video is applicable for the northern hemisphere. For the southern hemisphere, the longest night of the year will be 21 June, while the longest day of 2018 will be 21 December.