WATCH: A giant scarecrow version of the Pope is the star of this Irish festival

2018-08-08 16:30 - Saara Mowlana
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A moving and talking Pope sculpture is the main feature of the Durrow Scarecrow Festival in Ireland's County Laois.

Conahay Vintage Club has taken the latter half of their first name to heart as they unveiled a talking Pope they've created from hay.

The scarecrow sculpture twists slightly to the right and left alternating every few seconds and says a few phrases.

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The Durrow Festival takes place in the centre of Durrow and draws visitors to the Irish village to come and see the scarecrow contenders. 

The Conahay group recycles or reuses their straw from the previous year and has been the reigning champ of the festival for the past four years running.

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Even Theresa May made a feature - unlike a needle in this haystack, the printed photo sticks out.

But, alas, scarecrow Pope stole the show, winning joint-first prize at the competition for the fifth time!

See the bizarre sculpture below:

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