Traveller24 in Motion: 17 headline-topping videos in 2017

2017-12-22 06:30
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Cape Town - It's the holidays and we're looking back at the viral videos of travel for the last year.

From Air safety and how passengers were treated both by airlines and fellow passengers to some truly magical moments - here are the videos we absolutely loved, those that had us squirming a little and then also the ones we definitely had to share again. 

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Weather, weather and more weather

As Cape Town struggles with one of the worst drought situations in the history of the Western Cape, Gauteng kicked off the year with an overflowing Vaal Dam. This tweet by the department of water and sanitation saw our readers overjoyed. 

In stark contrast this video shows the extent of the dire situation in the Western Cape. With level 6 water restrictions coming into effect from 1 January 2018, the City is continuing to do everything in its power to make additional water available, but also urges residents and visitors to help reduce consumption down to 500 million litres of collective usage per day. 


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Snow is something foreign for South Africans, especially in Cape Town - but this year SA had its fair share of snowflakes - with a cold front over the mountainous areas of the Western Cape and Eastern Cape on the 16th of July delivering a white dusting to regions as low as 1 200 to 1 400m above sea level - which even the famous mountain get its own snow flurries at just on 1 085m. 

South Africans even saw snow in November of this year - and in the Karoo of all places. The Twitterverse exploded with  snow images and videos taken across SA's eastern high ground, making it difficult to believe that summer is meant to be around the corner. At the rate at which the weather changed all the time we even thought parts of the country might be in for an actual white Christmas this year! 


A sink hole which formed in the Northern Cape on Mount Carmel farm along the R31 between Daniëlskuil and Kuruman intrigued cavers from around the country - and with good reason. The cave, which was formed following heavy downpours in the area, revealed an underworld wonderland. Videographer Hendrik van Hunks took drone footage of the hole and posted it to Facebook, estimating the fissure appears to be about 300m long. 


Heavy rain in the northern parts of the country and over the southern parts of the Kruger National Park (KNP) earlier in the year also caused all the gravel roads south of Sabie River to close in the Kruger National Park.

This incident on board FlySafair flight saw a passenger forcibly removed after alleged racist threats were made on during the flight's departure to Port Elizabeth in April of this year.  Footage shared on Twitter shows a couple addressing one of the cabin crew with their complaint about a fellow passenger sitting across the aisle from them. The man had allegedly insulted another passenger by calling him an "asshole" and threatening violence, only to then reference further implied racism by saying "you people are all the same", when the couple who had lodged the complaint told him his behaviour was unacceptable.  

Just one of the many incidents of turmoil experienced by United Airlines over the last year, but certainly the most shocking. In this video, police officers can be seen dragging a passenger from an overbooked United Airlines flight, sparking an uproar on social media. At the time United's CEO received major backlash for initially defending his employees, who he felt had  "followed proper procedures and had no choice but to call authorities and remove the man". The passenger David Dao, who refused to leave the overbooked flight was injured by Chicago airport security officers as a result of the forced removal.

And then on a slightly happier note, this video of Saffas down under sharing some of the things they miss about home will make you catch all the feels. SA's reputation in Australia, local image experts Brand South Africa launched the campaign to boost business, investment and tourism - and Traveller24 got in on the action - Take a look.  

And setting the tone for the holidays, because we all quite literally deserve a break is this video of former President Barack Obama, and his wife, Michelle, vacationing with Richard Branson after leaving the White House. The Virgin Group founder put up a blog post with pictures and video of the ex-president kitesurfing off one of Branson's private islands in the British Virgin Islands. Branson writes that Obama, who's a native of Hawaii, told him he was prevented from surfing by his security detail during his time in office. Enjoy! 


Magical wildlife moments

We often see lions working hard for their next meal, but in a video shared by Latest Sightings, getting dinner couldn’t be easier for a pride of lions that had a buck run right into their midst. The footage was captured in Kruger National Park in the Lower Sabie region, by Hannes Beeslar from Nelspruit who describes the event as “Simply amazing!”


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And of course this exclusive had everybody questioning whether actual poaching prevention was to blame. Take a look. 

Latest Sightings  shared this video by Cara Treherne, which shows two black mambas going at each other wildly - one of the deadliest snake species in the world.  Treherne says she and a group of golfers had more than a bit of trouble finishing up their golf game - as the two snakes occupied the 14th hole on the golf course at Leopard Creek, just outside Kruger National Park’s Malelane Gate. 

A US tourist describes how he had a front-row seat to a leopard kill at Dela Porte waterhole in Kruger National Park, calling it a powerful and emotional experience. Bryan Mattice, a 35-year-old high school social studies teacher, was on a safari holiday with his wife Kelly, when they experienced their first leopard sighting.

If you're heading up the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park sitting on the border between Botswana and South Africa, you better listen up. Whatever you do - DO NOT use the ablution facilities at the Melkvlei picnic site, 50km north of Twee Rivieren, without scouting the area from your vehicle first.  This is why... 

It may look like a scene from the movie Jaws, but this inside view of a Great White Shark's mouth was shot in South Africa by ocean photographer Anthony Kobrowisky. And if you've ever wondered what the inside of a Great White Shark's mouth looked like... this might be the closest you'll ever get - alive.  

We'll admit it, this white rhino mating video is not an easy watch. But it is comforting, in a rather strange way when you consider that in the first half of 2017, an estimated 529 rhino have been poached in South Africa alone. Enough said. What at your own peril. 

And then finally, Marc Cronje, a freelance nature field guide working in Kruger for the last 4 years and his guests were recently treated to a spectacular sighting, one he describes as "tense but really special". "To just see wild dogs is one thing, but to see them hunting and making a kill is amazing," says Cronje.  

It is estimated that in South Africa, there are less than 450 wild dogs left. Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Carnivore Conservation Programme says this “includes the dogs in the Kruger National Park, Wild Dogs in fenced reserves and some dogs outside protected areas”

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