PICS: What travel posters might look like if they were created by famous film directors

2018-06-28 20:00 - Saara Mowlana
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These 7 cities got cinematic treatment with their travel posters designed in the style of famous film directors. (Photo: iStock)

Is there anything quite like a solid travel poster or image to fuel your wanderlust?

Travel and film lovers are kindred spirits when it comes to building up anticipation for destinations or movies with the release of an enticing poster promoting it.

Both of these posters have the mystical power to figuratively transport us with a simply glimpse and fuel our desire to want to jet off to other places or film worlds.

So, what would happen if these two realms were to intersect to form the perfect poster baby?

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Well, wonder no further my dear compatriots of travel and film, the team over at bigdomain did just that for seven lucky destinations.

They've taken seven select cities and given them a cinematic makeover in the style of seven famous directors who have worked on projects related to the city. 

See the transporting and wanderlust fuelling posters below:


Wes Anderson, who has recently released his new film Isle of Dogs, continues to burst out box office gold. His films are instantly recognisable with his signature style, including his infamous colour palettes and his eye for perfect symmetry. He applied his unmistakable style to India for The Darjeeling Limited - the tale of three estranged brothers who trek a train voyage through Rajasthan - in 2007. Jaipur is India's capital and is affectionately dubbed as the 'Pink City' - and it's not hard to see why nor why it had grabbed the director's eye. 

jaipur india travel poster

Jaipur, India. (Photo: bigdomain / Supplied)

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Tim Burton is known and renowned for his signature dark imagery. His penchant for doing so has made him a favourite among the goth, emo and internally-dark community the world over. His iconic films like Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas has made his weird and fantastical worlds favoured by both kids and adults. His 2016 film Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children told the tale of a mysterious children's home, and the tiny Cornwall hamlet of Portholland had a starring role as the island that houses the crumbling school. With a edging of surrounding cliffs and beaches of the beautiful Cornwall countryside, this destination makes a perfect place to escape your ordinary life and to channel your inner Burton mood.

portholland cornwall travel poster

Cornwall, UK. (Photo: bigdomain / Supplied)


Sofia Coppola's signature style is a dreamy visual type of experience. Her explorations of the human condition have established her as one of the best directors of the modern world. Lost in Translation - a tale of friendship – is a love letter to the city of Tokyo. The film, shot entirely on location in Japan, was an instant classic and swept up four Oscar nominations. It has also served as inspiration to countless tourists to visit the city of cherry blossoms and light - Tokyo.

tokyo japan travel poster

Tokyo, Japan. (Photo: bigdomain / Supplied)

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In 1987, Peter Jackson exploded (or splattered) into the cinema scene with his low budget horror comedy: Bad Taste. These days, his budget pockets are deeper and he is best known as the director of the iconic trilogu: The Lord of the Rings - much of which was filmed in the city of Wellington, New Zealand. It’s not difficult to see why this location made the movie cut – with its spectacular countryside, it was exactly what was needed to bring Tolkien's fictional world to life and to birth our hobbit home dreams into reality. Try to muster up the courage and channel your inner Samuel and Frodo to be brave and take one more step into Wellington. 

wellington new zealand travel poster

Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo: bigdomain / Supplied)


Famous for his painterly sense of composition, dark humour as well as toe-curling gore, Chan-wook Park's wildly popular 2016 movie, The Handmaiden, had audiences stunned with its jaw-dropping twists and explosive technicolor. However, he is perhaps best known for his film: Oldboy, which follows the tale of a desperate businessman who is imprisoned for 15 years and goes on a journey to take revenge on his captors. The bone-chilling, spine tickling film was set in the South Korean capital of Seoul. There's lots to see in the iconic city, from temples, parks to its cutting-edge architecture - this dynamic mashup of a city has something for everyone. Be wary though, you might just end up wanting to stay for 15 years!

seoul south korea travel poster

Seoul, South Korea. (Photo: bigdomain / Supplied)

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Chistopher Nolan has, over the course of his 15-year career, gone from creating low-budget independent films to directing some of the most popular and beloved blockbusters of our time. His cerebral and mind-bending film style has picked the brains and captured the hearts of audiences the world over. His Batman trilogy had brought life back into the franchise in spectacular fashion with his unique style. Nolan selected Chicago to be its real life Gotham - with its offerings of museums, vibrant shopping districts and Millennium Park with its famous 'bean' as well as its nightlife that eludes a Gotham energy. 

Choosing the city of Chicago as the location for Gotham was a genius choice. The mega city has all the offerings you'd expect during the day, from museums and vibrant shopping districts to Millennium Park and its famous ‘bean.’ By night, Chicago definitely takes on more of a Gotham vibe. Who knows, maybe Chicago really is the city that you deserve.

chicago usa travel poster

Chicago, USA. (Photo: bigdomain / Supplied)


Steven Spielberg is one of the most iconic and influential directors to have ever graced the film industry in the history of cinema. His work has taken audiences on a range of incredible adventures with his adventure-driven and thrilling style. His latest offering, Ready Player One, is thriving in business at the box office, proving that he's still got it. When location hunting for The Temple of the Sun in his renowned hit Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Petra was the obvious choice. Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world and Jordan's most valuable treasure. But if you want to play Indy, make sure you don’t forget your hat, because the Jordan sun is no joke.

petra jordan travel poster

Petra, Jordan. (Photo: bigdomain / Supplied)

All of the selected directors have the cinematic green thumb and magic touch when it comes to producing iconic films that stand the test of time. And, if they weren't directing and delivering great cinematography, they might just thrive and epic graphic designers - wouldn't you agree?

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