WATCH: Frustrated Kruger lion slaps car after lover's tiff

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This video shared by Latest Sightings proves why your vehicle's windows should always be closed when exploring Kruger National Park or any other game reserve. Mark Williams-Wynn, shared with the footage he captured near Skukuza, showing a lion striking a car window as "quick as a flash".

He says that the lion had made a few advances on a lioness that was nearby in an attempt to mate, "nuzzling her and trying to get her consent, but every time, he was rebuffed with a fierce growl from her". After many failed attempts, the lion suddenly walked away from the lioness and "started staring at the occupants of the closest car".

"I guess that he either decided to see if he could impress his lady with some bravado, or else he needed something to take his frustrations out on," says Williams-Wynn.

"Luckily I started the camera rolling, as, quick as a flash, he had attacked the car and turned back to the female, as if to say, 'Look how brave I am'."

"It shows how dangerous putting any part of your body out of the window at a sighting is," he says.