It's making its public debut! 4000-year-old Egyptian pyramid opens for the first time

2019-07-02 10:34
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In case you needed another reason to visit Egypt, here is a great one!

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This week Reuters reported that a 4000-year-old pyramid, Lahun or El-Lahun, will open its doors to the public.

Shut ever since its discovery back in 1889 by British archaeologist William Petrie, it is situated southwest of Cairo in an area called Fayoum. The pyramid, who many know very little about, was built in the 12th dynasty of pharaoh Senusret II. He ruled Egypt from 1897 B.C. to 1878 B.C, says ABC News.

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Reuters reports that in 2009 archaeologists entered the site and discovered an array of artefacts and pharaonic-era mummies inside beautifully painted wooden coffins. 

Egyptian officials forming part of the Supreme Council of Antiquities told Reuters that it has taken extensive conservation and preservation work - even the removal of a lot of debris, which took over a year - to prepare this little known pyramid and open it with confidence to the greater public.

Inside the pyramid you can expect a winding network of passageways and even a spooky, ancient burial chamber. Eeeek!

Get a peek inside it here: 

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