From lava beans and falafels to aniseed-flavoured drinks: What to munch and sip on in Egypt

2019-03-26 12:00
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Egyptian street food. (PHOTO: iStock)

You simply cannot visit a place without indulging in its food. 

Sure, some people travel without eating the local cuisine. Opting for burgers in Spain, English Breakfast in Thailand and munching on whoppers in Argentina.

But the cuisine of a country tells so many stories. Egypt has a rich variety of delectable treats to try, be it at the market or at more upscale restaurants. 

Expect everything from dates to cinnamon, Shawarma and Babaganoush, fresh fish and other traditional Middle-Eastern ingredients, to tantalise your taste-buds.

Here's a few of the best things to look out for: 

Get some Simit on the go. It's a classic Turkish sesame-covered bread - half bagel and half pretzel.

is a must-have street food consisting of pasta, black lentils, rice, chickpeas, fried onions and more. Comfort food to the max! 

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Ta’meya is of course the perfect veggie meal. Satisfying, this multi-textured dish is much like a falafel as it's made from crushed fava beans and is served along with other ingredients inside a pita. 

Kofta is a minced meat kebab grilled to perfection and served with bread, salad and the best tahini. YUM!

Ful Medames is as traditional as you get. Made from lava beans, this is a hearty dish that is prepared with oil and lemon juice. Eat it with anything - as most people have their own preferences. With boiled eggs, with sausage, with tomato sauce, etc. 

Tea is big here, but also try the alcoholic bevvies. Zibib, an aniseed-flavoured drink and Aswanli, a dark beer. 

For something sweet try the Om Ali. Layers of puff pasty that's been soaked in milk and mixed with nuts, raisins, coconut flakes and sugar - it's seriously delectable.

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