Traveller24 and Travelstart launch NEW booking tool with exclusive travel deals

2015-10-05 13:30 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town -  As smartphone access and inter-connectivity improve across South Africa, internet users are more comfortable and at ease with making online bookings and purchases. 

Travel has become especially convenient to book online as booking confirmations and flight information is shared directly to your phone via sms or emailed to your own personal inbox.

Now two of Africa's most established brands, and Travelstart have joined forces to bring you a comparative flight booking tool - the best part is that you will have access to exclusive Traveller24 flight specials and deals when using it. 

Click here to visit the new flights bookings search page directly

You can also access the booking tool in the right-hand side of our website as shown in the image below.

OR from the Book Flights tab on the Traveller24 Homepage Nav as shown in the image below. 

Full details of the booking process is outlined below, together with a few FAQs you might have.  If you want to get in touch with us directly, click here to do so

How do I make a booking?

Book Flights with now

1.     Choose your trip between one way, return and multi city (the default is return).

2.     Enter where you are flying from.

3.     Enter where you are flying to.

4.     Enter your departure date.

5.     Enter your return date.

6.     Enter how many passengers are travelling (the default is 1 adult).

7.     You can choose to specify a preferred airline and cabin class.

8.     Click on the green 'START' button to continue. On an international routing you can tick '+/- 3 days' and we will show you the lowest fares available taking your flexibility into account.

9.     After a short wait you will be taken to the search results page. These results can be sorted by airline, price, departure time, duration and stops. A flight search will give you different return options to choose from.

10.   Please review your flights and choose if you want to upgrade your ticket to a flexi ticket which allows you 1 free date change up to 24 hours before you fly. Click the green “Continue” button to proceed.

11.   The next page is the passenger page where you enter your details. Click the green “Continue” button to proceed.

12.   Here you can customise your trip by choosing insurance products.

13.   The payment page follows where you choose your method of payment. Once selected, you enter all relevant details as requested. If you choose 'credit card payment', it will be necessary to fill out your credit card details in the form that opens up. If you choose internet transfer, you can select your bank to retrieve the payment details. Please note that low cost carriers do not allow us to offer the internet transfer option. Once completed, click the 'Pay now' button when you are ready to pay. This may sound like a lot, but it's much simpler when you actually try it out!

14.   Your will then receive your booking references and an overview of the booking made.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
Your booking can only be confirmed once your credit card transaction has been processed or the money you transferred has reflected on our account. Once processed, you will receive an e-ticket email or, for certain low cost carriers, a confirmation email with a reference number.

When you make your booking, we will first send you a booking confirmation e-mail. This contains:
1.     Your Travelstart booking reference number
2.     Your airline booking reference number
3.     Your flight details
4.     Your payment details

For non low cost carriers you will receive an e-ticket email, which contains, in addition to the points above:
1.     Your e-ticket number
2.     A link where you can log in and view real-time information about your flight

For low cost carriers you will receive a confirmation email from the respective airline with the reference number and a confirmation email from us. Please note that low cost carriers do not issue tickets.

What is the difference between a direct flight, a non- stop flight and a flight with a connection?

Many people think non-stop and direct flights are interchangeable terms, but there are differences between the two. 

A non-stop flight does as its name suggests: flies from one airport to another without stopping. 

A direct flight, on the other hand, makes (so called technical) stops along the way. 

Often, passengers traveling on direct flights make a stop at a midpoint airport and remain seated on the plane while some passengers exit and others board. An itinerary with connecting flights requires passengers to change planes at a midpoint airport, which may be in a different terminal or on a different airline. Please watch out for the little ‘i’ next to the flight number, which will tell you if there is a technical stop on the flight.

Do I have enough connection time between my flights and could I make a stopover?
The minimum connecting time is the shortest permissible time needed to make a connecting flight at a particular airport. This standard is determined for each airport by the airport authorities together with the respective airlines. The connection times we offer on our website are in accordance with these standards. 

In the event that your flight is delayed, causing you to miss your connecting flight, it is the airlines responsibility to rebook you on the next available flight provided that all flights are on one ticket. If no other flights are available then, the airline might offer you accommodation and transport to a hotel. 

Depending on the waiting period, meals and refreshments may also be offered by the airline. 

If you have two separate tickets connecting two flights, the respective airlines will not take any responsibility if you miss your connection.

Can I book a flight with an outbound departure from another country than the one I am presently situated in?
Yes you can.

Can I book a flight with a stopover?
Yes, you can. You can use the multi city option for this.

Can I travel from one destination and return from/to another?
Absolutely. While this is not possible on our website as it only offers a point to point service, you can Travelstart/ (urgent )

How do I book an unaccompanied child?
Please contact the airline directly to book a ticket for an unaccompanied child as we are not permitted to make these reservations.

How do I travel with an infant / request a baby basket?
Children under the age of 2 usually do not get their own seat. They will have to sit on an adult's lap. Most airlines offer baby baskets for infants up to six months old (depending on the infant's length and weight), to be requested on long haul flights. To make this request, you can Contact

A service fee will apply to process this request. As the confirmation of the request depends on the airline, we cannot guarantee that this service will be available on your chosen flights.

Can I redeem air-miles when I make a booking with you?
Unfortunately we cannot help you redeem your air miles (for example if you would like to book your flight using your accumulated credit). This must be done directly through the airline. You will also need to contact the airline directly if you want information about the status of your frequent flyer account. 
However, what we can do is make sure that your frequent flyer number is added to your booking to allow miles to be credited to your account when you book with us. You can Contact Us for this. 

A service fee will apply to process this request. As the confirmation of the request depends on the airline, we cannot guarantee that the miles will be credited to your account.

How do I know that the airline has made schedule changes on my booking?
The airlines have the right to reschedule their flights, if necessary, to other airlines and airports. This may include being rebooked on another airline or to an alternative airport. Either Travelstart or the airline will attempt to inform you of a schedule change on your reservation. Please note that it is ultimately your responsibility to reconfirm your flights prior to departure, by either calling the airline directly or logging onto their website. Alternatively you can check on either of the following websites to see if your flight itinerary has been changed:


Alternatively you can Contact Us.

What are your Extras and how can I book them?
You have the option to choose services like Travel Insurance Aviation Accident Benefit and Airline Liquidation Protection when you make a booking online and pay for it straight away.

How do I request a wheelchair?
Please Contact Us or the airline directly. Kindly provide us with the information, which passengers will be in need of wheelchair assistance, their age, if they can walk short distances, climb steps and help themselves on board or if they are wheelchair -bound on a permanent basis. Please note that we cannot guarantee this service as the confirmation of your request depends on the airline.

Why do I need to present my credit card for certain flights?
Certain airlines may request to see the credit card that was used to pay for the booking at check-in in order to avoid possible fraud. If a third person has paid for your flight it will be sufficient to bring a copy of the credit card as well as a copy of the credit card holder's ID.  

I am nervous about booking online. Can I make a booking with anyway?
With pleasure! Our customer service agents will be happy to assist you with your booking. Simply Contact Us.

Why must I provide date of birth, passport information etc. when making a booking on a certain airline carrier or to/from/via the USA?

Certain airlines and/or governments of the country/ies that you are visiting require/s further information for security reasons before we can issue your ticket (if departure is in less than 96 hours). If you book well in advance we can issue your ticket with the passenger's full names and date of birth but if the remaining information is not in the booking at least 96 hours before departure, the airline will very likely refuse you to board on the day of your first flight. 

When you make a booking, we will remind you to provide us with these details via an urgent email, which needs to be replied to on the same day to guarantee your ticket price, as we cannot issue the ticket without this information. 

For early departures to/from/via the USA or any destination with certain airlines (Egyptair, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways), we can only guarantee the same price if we receive the required information before midnight (GMT time) on the same day the booking was made. Should we not receive your information before midnight, we cannot issue your ticket and therefore cannot guarantee your ticket price. 

The required information we urgently need from you for each passenger is:

Passport number
Country where passport was issued
Date of passport expiry
Redress number (if applicable)

(The redress number is only applicable if you are travelling to the USA and have a name similar to or the same as a name on the current terrorist watch list. You might then experience secondary security screenings at airports, which are very time consuming. You can prevent this by providing your Redress Number at the time of booking. A Redress Number is a unique number that helps TSA (Transportation Security Administration) eliminate watch list misidentification. People who this is applicable to can apply for a redress number at

If you have not heard of it before, don't worry about it. You can leave it blank.
If you are not travelling from/via/to the USA or with airlines Egyptair, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways, the additional information is not necessary.

If you are interested in more details, please click on the links below: