Top long-haul flight travel tips worth using

2017-09-29 19:00 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - Jet-setting off to a destination is always exciting, but the thought of spending more than seven hours in an economy seat on a plane is far less appealing.

Long-haul flights can often leave you feeling rather tired due to navigating through shameless passengers, sitting in an uncomfortable position or getting hungry as you wait for the next in-flight meal.

In celebration of 55 years in servicing its South African flight route, Lufthansa hosted a twitter chat via Traveller24 - which gave travellers a chance to win two economy class tickets - (The winner will be announced on 16 October and in the Traveller24 newsletter. Entrants had to participate in the chat and sign up to the newsletter - see the details here). And eager travellers wanting to head to Europe turned out in their droves - with the #Lufthansa55_ZA hashtag trending in the top five across South Africa on Friday 29 September.  

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Travellers shared memories and happy times from their previous trips, but one of the things we wanted to know was their top long-haul flight travel tips worth using.

If comfort carrying a power bank or extra batteries, and keeping hydrated were on your guessing list, then you guessed right. But overall, travellers love the idea of wearing comfortable clothing when travelling. 

To help you keep long-haul flying from becoming long-suffering, here's a selection of our favourite long-haul flight travel tips worth using: 

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