#AfriTravel: A map of Africa's hot spot destinations

2018-06-01 08:30 - Saara Mowlana
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africa map

Plan your trip to one of these top African destinations! (Photo: Saara Mowlana / Traveller24)

Plan your trip to one of Africa's top holiday destinations. We've selected a hot spot in each country for you to pin on your bucket list.

Africa is rich in culture, diversity, languages and landscapes. Boasting a whopping 54 countries and multiple more cities and natural beauts to see, it is easy to get confused as to where to start on your #AfriTravel.

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But fret not, we've carefully chosen - through extensive research of lists and lists of incredible African destinations - a popular spot in each of the vast countries for you to add to your bucket list or Pinterest board. 

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Plan your trip to one of these iconic locations on the world's second largest continent.

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Whether you wish to visit a local village and get acquainted in the colourfully unique city life of one of these countries, or merely trek it out on a safari - there is something for everyone. 

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From bustling and niche town life to thriving and boisterous natural spaces - check out our list of top African destinations:

africa's top holiday destinations
Get your 'Dji-booty' over to one of these top African destinations. (Photo: Saara Mowlana / Traveller24)

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View the full list, our research and sources here.