Anything for the Instagram? Couple criticised for posting dangerous pic on moving train

2019-03-05 11:47
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With the meteoric rise of social media influencers, especially on Instagram, getting the shot is everything. Everyone is your competition, which means upping the ante is a constant challenge. 

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Earlier this year a man was banned from a cruise ship for jumping off the 11th floor into the ocean. A dangerous, risky move. But the Gram ate it up.

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Insta-famous couple Raquel and Miguel with their 243k followers own the travel inspo account @explorerssaurus_. They are known for their exquisite poses, ridiculously good looks and incredible adventures - exploring the world one picture at a time. 

Yet recently they came under fire for posting this image of themselves hanging out of a moving train passing through rural Sri Lanka: 

This scenic route which passes through Ella is currently very popular with Instagram-folk. And we can see why!

Green, upon green, upon green, it is a Jungle Book dream come to life. However, sticking your head out of a moving vehicle, be that a car or a train, it's just never a clever idea. 

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After receiving a lot of criticism, like @iamashleysidso, who commented on the post, saying "you would put not only yourself but your girl in harm's way, good way to show love to your girl, NOT!"  or @trvlqueen2 who says, "I'm criticizing this pic and have gone outside of the borders of my town and my country many many times. There are other ways to take great travel photos without irresponsible moves like this," the couple responded, saying that the train was moving very slowly. 

Over the last few years, with the increase in selfie-related or Instagram-related accidents and deaths, high profile sights are enforcing more and more rules with regards to selfie-taking. For example Ireland has even proposed installing “selfie seats” at popular tourist destinations.

For many, Instagram might not represent real life. But the dangers are very real. I think we mostly need to consider the example we set for those younger kids looking to the Gram, mimicking the behaviour of those whose lives they envy. 

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