WATCH: Long weekend looming, why not explore the beauty of Stellies

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Nestled about a cosy 50km east of Cape Town, Stellenbosch the second oldest European settlement in the province after Cape Town.

It features some of the most scenic and beautiful streets - which allows you to live out any storybook town dream you might have.

It's also known for its university which churns out some of SA's top professionals and Stellies even features a quirky and quacky duck parade!

You might already know it for its stretches of green pastures and vineyards which produce some of the world's finest wines, much like the breathtaking Hidden Valley Wines. You can even plan a weekend city break escape at its stunning wilderness lodge!

You can also ruffle your braver feathers and take the chance to encounter some eagles over at the aptly named, Eagle Encounters - which is an active rescue and rehabilitation centre for birds of prey in and around the Western Cape. You can be sure to learn all about these stunning predators, as well as a few other animals.

These are just some of Stellies wonders - watch the video for the full experience!