WATCH: Soak up an Indonesian island escape that's not Bali

2018-09-18 18:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Plan your next island escape to Indonesia's Karimunjawa.

While many travellers head for Bali, there are countless unspoilt Indonesian islands just waiting to be explored.

Travel with World Nomads' Jo Raj as she travels to Karimunjawa, easiest reached from Java, for a taste of island life.

If you're tired of the tourist-dense and overly popular island escapes like the famed Bali, you might want to visit this little secret island haven also floating in Indonesian waters.

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You can learn how to fish, meet a local family and kick back on your own private island in and around the fishing town of Karimunjawa. 

The only way to access the town is via boat from the main city of Semarang in Java. 

Interacting with the locals gives you a chance to hear some really interesting stories, like Karasi who Jo met on her trip. Originally from the mainland, the fisherman went out for a sail one day only for his boat to start sinking and finding himself washed ashore along Karimunjawa's coast - where he then met his wife and settled.

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Some of the boats you can encounter on the water are operated in a slightly unusual way.

Steering is done using a carefully placed foot and calculated toe movements on a log attached to the boat's floor and the ignition is started by slightly moving a fishing hook attached to a string beneath the table.

Out on the water, the vistas of the surrounding natural scenery of the area is truly otherworldly and will transport you to a Jurassic Park-like setting - sans dinosaurs, of course.

You can learn how to fish like a real islander as well as learn about some of the issues facing local fishermen in the area. 

After a day out on the boat, you have to bring along a mighty appetite as the locals will eagerly feed you beyond your limits.

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So next time you're looking for an Indonesian island escape, why not consider this nook of tropical wonder and feel inspired by the views and the people? Escape the rushing and raging parties of its popular island sibling, Bali, and kick back for a peaceful and relaxing trip over in Karimunjawa.

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