Durban was just voted the greenest city in the world

2019-12-19 08:28 - Marisa Crous
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Rio de Janeiro. Austin. Brussels. All must be green with envy as our very own Durban recently ranked as the highest in the world in terms of green space. 

Kwazulu-Natal is known for its greenery, and Durban achieved this high green status based on very specific criteria set by the first-ever Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index (HUGSI)

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HUGSI is a digital innovation initiative which helps to "safeguard and improve maintenance of green spaces in urban areas. By applying computer vision and deep learning techniques on satellite images, HUGSI unveils insights about the size, proportion, distribution, and health of green space in urban areas."

The city by sea was voted as having the 'Highest percentage of urban green space' (60%) as well as the 'Highest percentage of urban area covered by trees' (42%). 

Rio came in at second place and Austin, Texas was third in the world. See where other cities rank. 

SOUTH AFRICA - CIRCA 1900: Trunks and leaves in D

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

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Durban has been crushing awards during 2019. Earlier this year it was voted 'SA's best city to live in' by Mercer's 21st Quality of Living survey.

King Shaka International Airport won this year’s award for Best Regional Airport in Africa and Best Airport Staff in Africa serving 5-10 million passengers.

Plus Durban was recognised as one of the top street food destinations in the world.

Such a great all-rounder!

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