WATCH: Chinese villager flings molten steel against cold brick wall in 'alternative light show'

2019-02-21 22:00
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Mainland China sure does have some interesting, to be euphemistic, traditions and rituals. With a population of more than a billion people this is really no great surprise. 

For over five centuries, the tradition of Da Shuhua has been an calendar staple that saw blacksmiths create fireworks of their own. The shower of molten iron sparks is redolent of flowers falling down and it is for this reason that the tradition derives its name which translates into "tree flower". 

The above videos shows this dangerous but certainly unique and visually arresting rituals. This is the type of action that can make an otherwise unknown small village in Nuanquan draw eyes from all over the internet. 

So check out the video to see this alternative light show and see what happens when molten steel is heated to 1600 Celcius and flung against a cold brick wall.

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