#LoveSA: Mother City ranks one of the best for families

2017-11-16 18:00 - Kavitha Pillay
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Cape Town - The Mother City is known for being a tourist hotspot in SA, offering a balance between nature and city life, coupled with a myriad of activities and experiences to be enjoyed.

The city was recently acknowledged as one of the best in the world for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and street style and ranked 52nd in the most elegant cities in the world list by Zalando. It also ranked in the Top 40 destinations for business tourism in the world.

Adding to its list of achievements, Cape Town has now made the list as one of the best cities in the world for families, according to online real estate portal for home buyers and sellers, Homeday.

After finding out that young families looking to settle down is "one of the core engines of the home purchasing industry", Homeday commissioned a study to help potential property buyers and sellers make the right decisions.

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According to the study that reveals the best cities for families worldwide, Cape Town ranks 96 out of 100. 

Thirteen out of the top 20 best cities for families are in Europe, with 3 Canadian cities, 3 Australian and 1 from New Zealand making up the remainder.

Copenhagen in Denmark topped the list as one of the safest, happiest cities in the world, with affordable housing based on purchasing power parity and excellent maternity/paternity laws.

Determining the best cities for families

Homeday asked hundreds of parents what makes a city great for raising a family and used the answers to determine the main categories for the study.

The main categories that parents consider when deciding on the ideal place to raise their family are city infrastructure, maternity laws, healthcare quality, happiness levels, activities for children, and expert perception. 

Homeday then analysed thousands of cities for data relating to these categories, to determine the final list of 100.

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Within these main categories, 15 additional factors were considered: Housing, Education System, Safety, Affordability, Unemployment, Pollution, Transportation, Maternity/Paternity Law, Healthcare, Happiness, Kid Friendly Airports, Activities for Kids, Green Spaces.

Homeday also polled 30 000 parenting professionals and journalists for their expert insight.

“These factors were chosen based on what parents confirmed were important when choosing a city to settle in, and give an overview of the best cities for young families to both live and visit around the world. Every city in the final list was analysed for these 15 factors and then awarded a score to determine a final ranking,” says Homeday.

Scores are from 1-10, with 10 meaning that the city ranks very highly for this factor.

Here’s how Cape Town scored:

(Source: Homeday)

Best in the world

Steffen Wicker, Managing Director at Homeday says that real estate agents agree that the “ultimate importance for most young families searching for real estate, is a location which is good for their family development.”

“For those families trying to decide where to put down roots, they need data-led research more than ever to help them make an informed decision. We hope that this study will make the all-important choice of where to raise a family that bit easier for young movers,” he adds.

Here are the Top 20 Best Cities for Familes:

(Source: Homeday)

Cities rated best in each category:

  • Housing - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Education - Hong Kong, China.
  • Safety - Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Affordability (based on purchasing power parity) - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Unemployment - Doha, Qatar ranks first for lowest unemployment.
  • Pollution - Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Transportation - Bern, Switzerland.
  • Maternity/Paternity laws - Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Healthcare - On a national level, Sweden ranks first.
  • Happiness - Oslo, Norway.
  • Kid-friendly airports - Sydney, Australia.
  • Activities for kids - Paris, France.
  • Green spaces - Stuttgart, Germany.

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