Dive down to a submerged Boeing 747 in the world's largest underwater theme park in Bahrain

2019-10-07 18:50
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Diving reefs, sunken ships and swimming alongside the creatures of the deep - scuba offers a whole new world without having to leave the planet. 

But diving man-made underwater creations might be a new thing you haven't explored yet, and in Bahrain you'll find the recently-launched world's largest underwater theme park - complete with a fully submerged Boeing 747!

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The first of a few attractions for Dive Bahrain, the plane was sent down to 20 metres below the surface after being processed to be free from any contaminating elements.

Other structures that will be added to the park include a replica of a traditional Bahraini pearl merchant's house and 4.5-metre concrete sail structures that will point towards pearling grounds - pearls are one Bahrain's most famous exports.

Phase two additions will include more artificial reefs, a sculpture garden and decommissioned ships that will provide new homes for marine life.

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The park is also expected to provide a rich source of data for scientists about the marine environment and the effects of artificial reefs. However, some concerns have been raised from experts talking to CNN Travel that metals and corrosion could affect marine life and make the structures unsafe for divers, but Bahrain officials reiterated that all eco-friendly measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the marine environment.

To visit the park you will have to contact one of three registered dive centres who have been trained to use the site - Dive Vision, Scuba Life and ScubaMaster

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