World's Best Journeys list: Start with Africa's seven best

2018-07-25 12:59 - Ethan Van Diemen
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Flight Network has compiled and released a list of what the Canadian company is calling the definitive list of the worlds best journeys’.

Created as a collaboration between Flight Network and more than 500 of the world’s top travel bloggers, journalists, agencies, editors and other knowledgeable insiders in the arena of international travel.

The result of this collaboration is a comprehensive, well-thought-out and detailed list of captivating journeys that will inspire travellers to embark on transformative adventures and journeys across the length and breadth of the globe.

Whether you are looking to enjoy the clear, open starry skies of the Sahara or meander through the otherworldly landscapes of Greenland; swim and boat across the turquoise seas of the Greek Islands or French Polynesia or ascend the peaks of Patagonia or Kilimanjaro - this list has something for everyone.  

Africa makes a respectable showing on this list of 50 of some of the most amazing travel experiences and trips that all travellers ought to experience at some point. With a total of 7 experiences rated in the top 50, travellers from South Africa needn’t go too far to find amazing adventure.

Here are the best African journeys according to Flight Networks’ list of World’s Best Journey - see the full list here:    

Journey 18 - Safari in Kruger National Park

The Big 5, campfires under the starry African night sky and night drives are what it's all about with this journey. Taking you from the Malenane Gate at the foot of the Malenane Mountain Bushveld through to Crocodile Bridge, Skukuza, Letaba and Mopani - travellers can expect to see much of Africa’s wild beauty on this journey.

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Journey 24 - Cruise the Nile

Feel like royalty as you recline on the comfort of your chartered sailboat as you make your way down the Nile. Stopping along the way, travellers have the opportunity to enjoy the archaeological, historical and natural splendour of this fascinating part of the world with visits to Luxor, Esna and Aswan. Enjoy life-changing sunsets, rich history and a near-unrivalled cultural experience.

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Journey 26 - Gorilla trekking in Uganda

This is one of those experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Journeying through lush forest in Central Africa on the trail of gorillas will likely be your most memorable experience with our distant cousins. An experienced tour-guide is essential on this journey to ensure the safety and calm of everyone involved - including the gorillas. At the Ndego Gate of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you will begin your journey, following the gorilla’s paths through the Ugandan rainforest.

Dominant male mountain gorilla in the grass. Ugand(Photo: iStock)

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Journey 27 - Ride camels through the Sahara

Get your Lawrence of Arabia on with this epic journey through the silk-sanded, star-speckled, mirage-filled journey through the Sahara desert. You’ll be starting out in famed Casablanca, Morocco and move on Fez, Berbers and then onto Erfoud. On your way to Erfoud, the High Atlas Mountains will serve as a neat backdrop for all your photographs as you traipse through the desert on camelback. Spend a night camping under the desert sky, and carry on your travels to an oasis.

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Journey 45 - Hike the Kilimanjaro

Like running the Comrades Marathon, summitting the peak of Kilimanjaro is something that all South Africans should do at least once in their lives. This journey takes travellers up the 7-day Machame route to the top of the tallest mountain in Africa. Starting at Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Gate, travellers will walk through rainforest, valleys borne of lava flows and glaciers.

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Journey 48 - Follow the Wildebeest migration 

Perhaps one of nature’s most epic journeys, the great wildebeest migration is dramatic, muddy and perilous for the animals. Travellers will follow the migration in comfort and safety in the Serengeti National Park near the Grumeti River where they will be able to see the wildebeest move past zebras, elands, cheetahs, leopards and more. Seeing the animals cross the crocodile-infested river waters is a sight travellers are likely never to forget as a great mass of animal try frantically to rush to the other side and out of danger.

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Journey 49 - Motorcycling Madagascar coast to coast

With a lack of a well-developed road infrastructure, traversing Madagascar on two wheels is perhaps the best, most flexible way to tour this unique African nation. Starting off in the capital of Antananarivo, travellers will ride along, stopping as they please at the sights along the way including Ampefy (passing the Itasy region’s lakes, waterfalls and volcanoes) and Ambohimahasoa (passing lakes of Andraikiba and Tritiva). Expect to enjoy intimate views of lemurs, canyons and sandstone formations, baobab trees, volcanoes, rainforest and so much more.

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