WATCH: Olympic free-skier takes on Italy's highest mountain pass with 19 daring acrobatic jumps

2018-12-23 10:30
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Benedikt Mayr sets off on his terrifying descent down Italy's steep Stelvio Pass and he crosses the mountain road 19 times with daring acrobatic jumps.

Mayr says that it was challenging getting the entirety of the traversal prepared. Setting up the run took 2 years while the descent itself took 3 minutes. 

With the help of machinery, excavators and snow groomers, it took several months just to get the snow prepared. 

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Stelvio Pass connects Italy's Lombardi region with some Tirol and is Italy's highest mountain pass at an altitude of more than 2750 metres. The winding mountain road is special in its own right and worthy of further exploration. 

With years of experience behind him, the 29-year-old can navigate some of the most challenging ski runs that other skiers might avoid entirely. A participant in a new category at the Winter Olympics, Mayr eventually came to find the rules of the Olympic freeskiing to be a bit too stifling to his creativity and so off he went Iceland and Alaska to ski through pristine untouched nature far from regular ski slopes. 

Mayr says that it is special being on top of a mountain all by yourself and this can be seen in the descent. There is an element of fear involved as you are freeskiing down a mighty mountain. This fear can be harnessed ,however, he says, and that with a good dose of imagination and creativity there is plenty of fun and adventure to be had. This is precisely what you see in the video above. Check it out.

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