WATCH: First anti-poaching dog to skydive

2016-10-04 13:55 - Ra-ees Moerat
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Cape Town – Giant, a dog at the forefront of the war against poaching in Africa, just became the first four-legged domestic pet to sky-dive! Crazy right?

Sky diving skills for Giant is important as it enables him to arrive on scene as quickly as possible, once he has spotted poachers and then follow their trail using his dog-like senses. 

Poaching has evolved into a billion-dollar industry, operated by a network of smooth criminals across the globe. 

Their methods of going about it have become sophisticated to counter security measures that have been put in place to stem the crime. However, defense methods too continue to be increasingly resilient… with highly-trained dogs like Giant, who are working closely with anti-poaching organisations.   

The success rate of this method (utilising highly-trained dogs to combat poaching) has been phenomenal given that Giant’s brother, Killer, captured 115 groups of poachers in a mere 18 months! 

To date, poaching has caused a third of Africa’s elephants to be obliterated within the last seven years.    

Take a look at the shocking statistics as a result of elephant poaching in SA's KNP between 1980 and 2016:

A complete video of Giant at work can be viewed lower down...

Here you can see Giant being lowered down by a helicopter in a test run to see how this method will work on poachers:

Source: Youtube

Giant and his brother in action! Moving at a rapid pace, the two dogs set out to take down a poacher.

Source: Youtube

...And the ultimate moment, Giant in skydiving action with his trainer:

Source: Youtube

Watch the full video below: