WATCH: Cape to Cairo - the top 5 most amazing heritage & historic sites in Africa

2018-12-16 10:30
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In a continent brimming with amazing heritage and rich historical sites, its something of a challenge to narrow it down to a small list of the top 5 but that is precisely what the folks at Where To have done in this video.

So watch the video and read on to find out about some of the things you must see in this great continent.  

5. Kolmanskop

In the dry, barren stretches on the edge of the Namib Desert lies Kolmanskop - one of Namibia's famous ghost towns. 

It used to be a bustling city due to its diamond trade, but had since been abandoned.  Today the only life you'll find there are the odd shrub, the only sound is the wind rustling through the streets, blowing desert sands against the abandoned structures.

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4. Pemba

Pemba is home to to pristine white beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, buzzing island culture and beautiful green hills. 

The main town, Chake Chake, is known for its historic 18th-century fort. Between June and September is also a great time to take a trip to this city. During this time, the locals take to the streets in colourful attire and take part in live music and dance festivals. Don't miss out. 

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3. Robben Island 

Many a traveller may be aware that Africa has its very own version of Alcatraz right off the coast of Cape Town. 

Famous the world over for holding Nelson Mandela as a prisoner in the 1960's, the island is a complex, sensitive eco-system with great cultural value to South Africa. As perfectly encapsulated on it's website "it is an island of many voices, including that of the disadvantaged, the oppressed, the sick, the privileged few, the religious, the imprisoned and the free."

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2. Timbuktu 

The mysterious city of Timbuktu is an ancient city located in Mali, about 20 kilometres north of of the Niger River. 

It was also an intellectual and spiritual capital and centre for the spread of Islam throughout Africa in the 15th and 16th centuries. Timbuktu is renowned as the location of the three big Mosques of Djingareyber, Sankore and Sidi Yahia, sixteen mausoleums and other holy public places that - more than just serving as reminders of it's prestigious past - serve as examples of earthen architecture and of traditional maintenance techniques.

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1. Thebes

Thebes is one of the famed cities of antiquity. It is a awe-inspiring testimony to ancient Egyptian civilisation at its height.

It contains world-famous sites such as the Valley of the Kings and Queens. There, you will find Tutankhamen's tomb which was discovered almost intact in 1922 and the tomb of Ramses IV, among others.

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