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2017-06-29 16:37 - Kavitha Pillay
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We know that planning to travel abroad can be daunting and exhausting - sometimes to the point when you need a vacation right after your vacation!

From ensuring you have your passport and visa in order and checking correct flight bookings, going through a health checklist and knowing what to pack, to getting your itinerary sorted ... there's a lot to do before that getaway.

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Whether you are travelling solo, with the whole family or with friends, there's no need to stress - we have you covered with essential tips for your pre-trip, in-destination and post-travel experience.

Use this checklist the next time you travel, to ensure you're well-prepared for your destination and ready to soak in the sights and sounds, while exploring and unwinding.

Here are 9 essential travel tips you have to follow

Before your holiday

1. Book your airfare at the right time, and save up to 14% on flights.

2. Don’t cut it close with your passport expiration date - did you know that it 'expires' before it expires?

3. Don’t let a guidebook plan your trip for you - remember it's just a guide.

4. Don’t over pack - keep space for souvenirs!

5. Inform your bank about your travels, as you do not want to have your cards blocked.

During your vacation

6. Take note of your cell phone data - manage those social media posts!

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7. Don’t be too aggressive with your itinerary; go with the flow when you need to.

8. Know when or how much to tip, to avoid being offensive or over-tipping.

After your trip

9. Avoid exchanging money at the airport - it's cheaper to exchange at a bank.

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10. Save all your receipts as you get to claim tax back in foreign countries. 

11. Schedule your return date so you have a day or two or unpack and re-organised.

12. Use that holiday high to pick a destination and start saving for your next trip.

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