UPDATE: Manufacturer says corrosion caused thrill ride to break apart

2017-08-07 08:43
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Columbus, Ohio — The Dutch manufacturer of a thrill ride that broke apart and killed an 18-year-old man at the Ohio State Fair says excessive corrosion on a support beam led to a "catastrophic failure."

WATCH: US State Fair ride breaks apart mid-air, kills one (Warning: Not for sensitive viewers)

Finding the cause

A statement on KMG's website dated 4 August 2017, says the company officials visited the accident site and conducted metallurgical tests. This test includes covering the industry of metals and functions to detect flaws and corrosion.

It says that the corrosion "dangerously reduced" the thickness on the wall of the beam holding a passenger gondola on the swinging and spinning ride. The company says the ride was 18 years old.

Tyler Jarrell died from blunt force trauma injuries after being tossed into the air when the Fire Ball ride broke apart on 26 July 2017. Four people remained hospitalised last week, including one woman in a coma.

KMG ordered that similar rides be shut down worldwide after the accident.

Recently there have been freak incidents with amusement park rides across the world WATCH: Man catches teen as she falls in freak accident at Six Flag amusement park 

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