The legend of Coffee Bay's Hole in the Wall seen from different angles

2018-08-31 06:30
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hole in the wall in the eastern cape

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South Africa is blessed with an abundance of amazing naturally-occurring topographical landmarks such as Table MountainBarberton Makhonjwa and the Drakensberg Mountain Range to name but a few. One of the most popular in the Eastern Cape is the Hole in The Wall near Coffee Bay

Known as "izi Khaleni", which means "place of thunder" by the amaXhosa, during certain times of the year, when the conditions are right, the waves slam against the prominent structure creating a loud sound that can be heard across far distances. 

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The Xhosa people have their own legend regarding the Hole in The Wall.

The mythology speaks of sea people, people who look like humans but have flipper-like hands and feet that allow them to navigate the waters off the coast of the Eastern Cape

According to the legend, an enchantingly beautiful woman who lived on the Wild Coast in a village not too far from a lagoon was cut off from the sea by a cliff. One of the sea people, mesmerised by her beauty, sought to elicit her attentions. 

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Her father, angered by this, responded unkindly to the sea person's advances. In response, the sea people enlisted the services of a giant fish that acted as a massive, live battering-ram and charged straight through the wall leaving what is today known as the Hole in The Wall.

This hole, unfortunately, allowed the waters of the ocean in and the young Xhosa woman was taken away by the sea people.

While this legend may have long been passed on through oral tradition, today this alluring piece of earth is more likely to be seen on an insta story. Human beings have always recorded their realities through creative means, social media is but an evolution of that process. See some unique angles of this cool piece of South African history below.

Check out the damage that may have been done by a giant fish and sea people in these pictures below:

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