Pay $1000 deposit to get to the front of the queue when the next Virgin Galactic tickets go on sale

2020-02-27 16:45
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If you've got dreams of heading into space and got the cash to make it come true, Virgin Galactic is getting ready to release their next tranche of tickets for travel to the beyond.

And with a $1 000 deposit (about R15 260 at R15.26/$), you can secure your spot in the front of the row. Called the One Small Step initiative, the company reiterated in a press statement that this is for those serious about being 'aspiring astronauts'.

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After their first spaceflight at the end of 2018, Virgin Galactic confirmed more than 600 reservations with customers from 60 countries, and while tickets sales have since closed they have received 7 957 online reservation registrations since then. 

“We have been greatly encouraged by the ongoing and increasing demand seen from around the world for personal spaceflight," commented Stephen Attenborough, the company's commercial director. 

"One Small Step allows us to help qualify and build confidence in our direct sales pipeline, as well as to ensure that those who are most keen to make reservations, are able to do so at the earliest opportunity."

Cost and availability of the seats haven't been confirmed yet, although previously tickets were sold for $250 000 (about R3.8m).

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No set date has been confirmed, but according to Digital Trends the company is eyeing to launch their space flights in June 2020 already.

In February Virgin Galactic relocated its SpaceShipTwo passenger craft - VSS Unity - to the spaceport in New Mexico, indicating that they might well be on track to get space tourism going.

What would you pay to see space up-close?

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