Miffed tourists slate non-existent Azure Window + amazing arches you can still see

2017-07-12 11:00 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - Maltese locals and tourists alike are still finding it hard to move on from the collapse of the famous Azure Window, which took place in March following heavy rains and storms.

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Now, disappointed holidaymakers are leaving one-star reviews on TripAdvisor after being taken to the coastal site by tour guides only to discover that the famous rock formation has long been lost to the sea. 

This iconic rock formation on the island of Gozo in Malta, has appeared in many films and TV shows, including "Game of Thrones".

Imagine this kind of disappointment many feel when coming to Cape Town to see the Table Mountain only to discover the cableway is closed to harsh winds - not quite the same thing but disappointing nonetheless.  Can you take it a step further and imagine Robben Island being swallowed up by rising seas. Sure many a would-be visitor would be peeved. 

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Although it is unclear if this was meant as a joke or serious review, TripAdvisor UK has since seen a buzz from tourist taking to the comment section following this incident. 

One viewer wrote, "It was interesting to see how nature takes back its creations, but disappointing to arrive and see it was no longer there.”

“Can't really give an excellent score to something that no longer exists,” wrote another reviewer. “Went to where it was but there are few other attractions other than the sea.”

A third reviewer made it fully aware that it was a "waste of time".

"WHAT A WASTE OF TIME,” wrote the reviewer. “The Fungus Rock is just a rock.”

Another equally unimpressed reviewer wrote, “what a waste of time… There was a small church/chapel which was probably the worst on the island. Don’t waste your time going here.”

But it is this review that reminds us how "gone but not forgotten" the attraction is. 

"Gone but not forgotten," wrote the reviewer.  "A truly memorable place now sadly no more but many happy memories still worth a visit."

“The Azure Window may have fallen earlier this year but the location is gorgeous and well worth a visit," wrote another reviewer.

NOTE: The reviews have all been left on the website, despite TripAdvisor warning that the Azure Window “has fallen into the sea. Please keep this in mind when visiting the area”.

Here are some of the amazing arches you can still see:

SA's very own hole in the wall in Coffee Bay

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Wied il-Mielah Window