Drone photography 101: Cape Town expert shares his secrets

2016-09-14 12:32 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - If you need a little beauty and wonder to get you through the day, we've got just what the doctor ordered. 

One of the latest drone videos created by Capetonian Luke Maximo Bell shows the iconic Mother City like you've never seen her before - literally.

It pans over the iconic Cape Point part of Table Mountain National Park, showing off its rugged, untouched coastline and secret beaches like Buffels Bay and Bordjiesdrif. 

Using expert drone photography, Luke is able to film places that are physically impossible to reach in person. 

And apart from giving us new insight to Cape Town stunning scenery, it's also just gobsmackingly stunning! 

Check out Luke's latest piece of drone art showing Cape Point in all its splendour: 

If you'd like to get into making these incredible drone videos, Luke says there are three aspects to drone filmmaking. "Three pieces of a pie, which YouTuber, Casey Neistat, has discussed," Luke says. 

"The first is actually being able to fly the drone well. You need to know exactly what you are doing and be able to manoeuvre it in any way possible. 

"This just takes practice. Eventually, you get so comfortable flying, you'll be able to pull off extremely challenging shots and these are by far the most rewarding."

Very important here is to remember the laws of drone flying in South Africa. Check out: 12 Things you need to know about SA’s new drone rules

"The second is the drone cinematography," Luke says. "It's all good and well if you can do flips with a drone and fly through tiny spaces, but if you don't know how to frame a shot, then what's the point? 

"Don't use a drone to get a shot you could have done with a ground camera. Use them to get shots which would be impossible otherwise. 

"The third is story telling. This is probably the most important one. Drones are an incredible storytelling tool, which enables the viewer to see far more than a shot just from the ground. They also allow for more unique and creative angles. Using a drone to tell your story better than previously possible should be the ultimate goal when using a drone."

Obviously, Luke has the three piece of the pie nailed to a tee... 

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Luke says his YouTube channel is where he'll be featuring most of his content for the rest of this year and next year, see keep your eyes open. 

Four Quick Questions with Luke 

Why do you say Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth?

"I think what makes it so unique is the fact that it's surrounded by such beautiful mountains and oceans.  Most cities in the world if they even have a coast, won't be close to any sort of mountainous region. 

Because Cape Town has both, it makes it a very special and beautiful place."

Where else would you like to film and why?

"My Top 2 favourite places to film in the future would be Hawaii and Iceland. 

The reason for Hawaii is because it has some of the world's best natural beauty and it seems like such an amazing place to explore and travel to. 

Iceland is my other choice because it's basically the polar opposite in terms of climate. It's natural beautiful is also incredible." 

How did you get into shooting with drones?

"I've always loved filmmaking and technology. I'm actually surprised I didn't start using drones sooner that I did. 

I got into it when I built my own one a few years back. I saw the drone content out there and wanted to do something better."

What equipment do you use?

"For my aerial video, I use the Phantom 3 Professional and for ground video I use the Sony a6300."

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