District Six revisited: 5 ways to capture the community's spirit

2017-02-09 11:31 - Boipelo Mokgothu
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As we get closer to the anniversary of the forced District Six removals, there is a variety of activities that can help you capture the vibrant spirit of the community that was lost.

Fifty-one years ago, residents of District Six were forcibly removed from their homes to make it a “White Area” and today the recreation of District Six is underway as the city will try to recapture its vibrance.

Here are five ways in which you can still enjoy the community’s culture

1. Visit District Museum

District Museum is located on Buitekant Street and offers you a hands-on experience. There is a self-guided tour around the streets of District Six today or an ex-resident can guide you through the tour and share their experiences. The museum also offers a space for reflection on the injustices of South Africa’s past.

2. Watch a play at Fugard Theatre

The Theatre hosts one of the best plays celebrating District Six.  District Six Kanala play celebrates the music culture that was a part of District Six in the 1960s. The play is produced by Eric Abraham for the Fugard Theatre and casts the likes of Loukmaan Adam, Sne Dladla and Carmen Maarmen. The play promises to relive the music that resounded from Hanover Street all the way to the Green Point Track.

3. Have a taste of the culture at Bo Kaap food and Craft market

 The Bo Kaap food and Craft Market is one way to explore and taste the heritage food such as Cape Malay dishes. it is always on the first Saturday of the month and it is also a great way to mingle with the residents of this historic place an enriching cultural experience.

4. Explore the area by going on the Heritage Drive of District Six

Explore District six by taking a drive through the area. The drive starts from Buitekant Street to Chapel Street. On the drive you get to see what makes up District Six today- You will see the Distict Musuem, Fugard Theatre and The Fringe is which is Cape Town’s Innovation District.

5. Enjoy the green scenery at Trafalgar Park

Trafalgar square is a situated in the vibey residential area of Woodstock, You can take the kids there for a day in the park or picnic with friends under the tree as you enjoy the sun.

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