Create your travel bucket list for the new year with these top suggestions

2019-10-23 16:45
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The year is drawing to a close and you might be feeling like you have not ticked off nearly enough travel destinations off your list. Maybe that is not such a bad thing because your list is about to get a few tweaks.

Lonely Planet is back with its annual Best in travel list to help you find the perfect escape whatever your travel requirements are. You might have heard of some of these destinations, others might be less popular and you might not be too certain about them.

Some of these cities include Cairo in Egypt and the capital of West Germany, Bonn - with the selection is based on the "best sustainable experiences that will leave visitors feeling better than when they arrived". Take a look. 

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 1. Salzburg, Austria

If you cannot think of any reason to visit this Alpine city think about the fact that it plays host to one of the biggest classical music events. Salzburg Festival is celebrating its centenary year and the city is pulling out all the stops to make it bigger than it has ever been.

The 2020 celebration will include special exhibitions and events taking place all over the centre, with over 200 performances taking place, everything from concert plays and readings to Mozart matinees. The highlight of the festival is always the play Jedermann by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, the highly anticipated play will take you back in time and have you living your best medieval self.

2. Washington DC, USA

The city of Washington is already a hub of tourists with iconic museums scattered across the city but there will be more reason to visit this coming year. 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment- the law that granted women the right to vote. In honour of the anniversary, museums like the National Portrait Gallery, National Museum of American History and the National Museum of the Women in Arts will host special exhibitions related to it 

The White House's home will be abuzz with talks around the presidential election taking place, history will be made in the city and you just might be in the centre of it all. 

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3. Cairo, Egypt

If you want to take a trip back in time, there truly is no better place to do it than Cairo. The city is a museum in itself with ancient buildings and artifects sprawled across the area. Why did the city make it onto the list? In 2020 the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to finally open its doors to tourists after much delay.

The main attraction of the museum will be of the full tomb collection of King Tutankhamun, the exhibition will show a third of the museum's grounds with 50 000 artifects on display. Exploring the city is not just seeing a bunch of people that lived way before your time, get a glimpse of the wealth of the country and the beautiful Nile river while on your trip.

4. Galway, Ireland

Ain't no party like a Galways party 'cos a Galway party does not stop - no really, the vibrant city has a never-ending events list this coming year. The brightly painted pubs  are exploding with live music and you can enjoy street performances while sitting in a cute cafe. The city was named the 2020 European Capital of Culture and they are determined to prove why, on your visit expect dance and drama, world-class music and locals that are more than willing to show you where the party is at.

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5. Bonn, Germany

We have spoken about the popular tourist destinations, now let's discuss the lesser known. Bonn is a city in West Germany and although it might have slipped off the radar for a while, it is regaining its popularity amid Beethoven’s 250th birthday. The composer will be honoured with various projects and events around the city including the "Beethoven Bürgerfest" (people's party) and the presentation of Bonn's Beethoven House-the house the artist was born in.

Do not worry about missing out, the celebrations are going to take place all year round with performances from some of the best orchestras and soloists. Visit any time and learn more about the musician, whether you are a classical music lover or just a history fanatic Bonn is making its mark and you can be right there to witness it all.

6. La Paz, Bolivia

If you thought Table Mountain Cableway was an engineering feat offering a sight to behold then you will understand why this once drab city has made it onto the best travel list for 2020.

The cable-car system is the world's longest and highest, as if that was not impressive enough it is expanding in 2020 from just three lines to an impressive 11. View the entire city from above including 18th century buildings and busy pedestrians filling the streets. The city has managed to reinvent itself while remaining true to its roots, we love to see it.

7. Kochi, India

The rest of the world is digital and modern, how great is it to visit a place that is alive with colour and culture. The Indian city teaches the rest of the world how to be mindful of their carbon footprint with the world’s first fully solar-powered airport, the invention earned them a UN Champions of the Earth award. Can they get any cooler? The streets of the city are lined with boho cafes, street art and galleries.

8. Vancouver, Canada

There is no greener city than Vancouver, nestled between the vast Pacific Ocean and majestic trees, you will feel like you are walking through a whimsical forest wherever you are. In a quest to lead in urban sustainability, the city has launched a Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, that can only be good news for you! The plan will focus on three primary topics-carbon, ecosystems and waste. Can you imagine drinking fresh, clean water, having access to nature whenever you want and breathing in evidently cleaner air? 

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9. Dubai, UAE

Technology in Dubai is already aeons ahead and it is only getting better. The futuristic city is launching several boundary-pushing projects in 2020, all of this will be revealed at the six-month-long World Expo where 190 nations will showcase their visions. The highlight of the year is without a doubt the opening of the Museum of the Future-a hub of innovation and design. It has not been open yet but it is already on its way to becoming a world icon.

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10. Denver, USA

Denver is one of the cities that has recreated itself, giving us all hope that we can be whatever we want to be. It is in its latest phase of growth with modern architecture and bustling street culture.

New restaurants with eclectic menus are starting to fill the neighbourhood while old buildings are getting a face-lift, like the fascinating Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art. The museum has moved into a new building within the city’s Golden Triangle Creative District where everyone has access to it. Mile High City gives you classic buildings, good food and plenty of adventure-a travel destination everyone deserves to experience.

*Compiled by Thutolore Tsatsane

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