Avid traveller alert: Cool app to create a free map of all your travels

2017-07-26 14:36 - Ishani Chetty
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Travel provides you with adventures that take you beyond your comfort zone. It's an experience that can teach you more about yourself and should come as no surprise that the love for travel ranges from young to old -  igniting a fire to explore more of the unknown. 

Love of Maps

Maps have become the hallmark of the avid traveller - as they mark the destinations visited and daydream about new places to go to.  The obsession around the concept of maps has transcended into many spheres. 

1. Map Tattoos are the mark of brave travellers who have taken to the needle to ink the world map on their body - some individuals have decided to color each part of the world once visited. We admit, it's a friendly if not painful reminder of their travelling spirit.

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MAP: Mind Blown! Actual sizes of countries of the world

2. Map decoration has taken on creative new ways to display the love for travel. From purchasing  Map cork boards to pinning your favorite moment of travel according to  your location being just some of the latest obsessions.

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3. Map dressers is also just one example of turning household items into a reminder of your dreams of soaring across the world - a constant reminder that the world awaits! 

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4. Themed bedroom wallpaper? There's a map for that too.  

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Create your personalized map free

Many of the above mentioned methods to mark your travel expeditions and wanderlust journey can be costly. AdventureAlly has created a wonderful method in which to mark the places you've visited on a world map for FREE

Split up into the seven continents, you can mark your travels across Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. Once you have selected all the places you have visited - the online site generates a map that has the places that you have visited colored in. 

See an example of the personal map - recording all the places still to travel and a wonderful reminder of all the places travelled to. 

It also indicates the percentage of places you have travelled to in the total of 250 countries and the percentage of continents visited out of 7. 

You are able to share this map on many social media platforms and embed it in order to save it for your own personal use. 

Wanting to create your own free map? Click  here.

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