A hedgehog going camping will brighten anyone's day

2017-10-09 18:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - Had a Blue Monday? This hedgehog going camping will perk up any day.

Meet Azuki from Japan, he's the most adorable Instagram-hedgehog you will ever see, and his owners brighten up the days of 162 000 followers with cute little pictures and videos.

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He has an equally adorable girlfriend Uni, and the two of them have recently released the sweetest photo book on Amazon Japan. 

For his latest photo shoot, leading camping gear manufacturer Coleman decided to make some hedgehog-sized camping gear for the little Azuki so that he can enjoy the outdoors in style.

But remember in case you want one of your own - it's illegal to keep a South African indigenous hedgehog as a pet because they are endangered, but you can buy a captive-bred hedgehog as long as it's not found naturally in our country's wild.

If you feel inspired to hit up Mother Nature for some relaxation, you can check out our ultimate camping guide.

If this hedgehog doesn't brighten your day, then nothing will move your cold dead heart. 

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Wish I could snuggle with Azuki in that tent.


We CAN have nice things!

Just getting some more wood for the braai.

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