Top 5 spots South Africans want to visit this Easter

2017-02-04 10:31
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Cape Town - The first big holiday period of 2017 is a couple of weeks away and many South Africans, those who opted to work through the festive season (are you one of them?), are on the move and ready to take a break according to latest CheapFlights data shared with Traveller24.

While the top searched city for locals comes as no surprise - who wouldn't want to kick back in Cape Town - the city has just recently experienced a record breaking summer with 29%  increase in visitors in December alone.

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While online travel search engine says Nelspruit is the least popular city for this holiday period, we can't help but want to keep it top of mind, especially because of incredible Kruger moments like this.

Cheapflights data also estimates that the cheapest day to fly is Thursday 13 April and the most expensive day to fly is Easter Sunday 14 April, for South Africans - so plan accordingly if you still need to book your flights

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Andrew Shelton, Managing Director of Cheapflights says, "Our data suggests that despite the weakening Rand, South Africans are still travelling internationally and taking advantage of extra days of leave over the Easter holidays.

"We’ve also seen a large increase in searches for travellers from the USA to South Africa over this period, specifically travellers coming from New York, Washington and Los Angeles. Cape Town continues to be the most popular city for locals to travel to this Easter, which is largely due to the Two Oceans Half Marathon taking place on the Easter weekend. For those wanting to get more bang for their buck, the cheapest day to fly is on Thursday 13 April”. 

But with that said, locals are not shying away from long-haul either as the top international destinations South Africans are travelling to over this period indicates: 

5. London

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4. Bangkok 

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3. Zanzibar

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1. Mauritius

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"And we'll see the healthy influx of international visitors over the Summer season continue well into the Easter holiday period as the top five visiting foreigners are from New York, London, Sweden, Washington, and Los Angeles," says Sheltons.

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