The Luxury of Silence: SA's quietest nature spots to add to your list

2019-04-19 07:28 - Marisa Crous
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I recently attended the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference held in Cape Town. One of the speakers, Johan Maree, co-founder and chairperson of Wildlife ACT: Wildlife Conservation Volunteering in Africa spoke about the luxury of nature.

He particularly emphasised the importance of preserving nature for generations to come.

The greatest luxury of nature, he said is its silence.

In 2019, our world is filled with pollution, noise, concrete, objects, disruptions, etc. What we are missing is, perhaps, the biggest luxury of all: Unpolluted quiet.

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Heading into nature not only means silence, but having the space to be quiet.

You only feel the rhythm of nature when you are in it, as our world, our cities shelter us from that rhythm.

Today, we are constantly interrupted. With anxiety at an all-time high, our time is now more fragmented and unfocused, than ever. We never press our own reset button. We just go, go, go. We don't allow ourselves to just sit, and be. 

Maree says that the happiest and most creative people are those that spend more time in nature.

The luxury of nature is unparalleled.

The only question for the future is: Who will get to enjoy it? 

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Here are 5 quiet nature spots also fuelling conservation efforts to protect our nature for generations to come:

1. Agulhas National Park

SANParks has a 360 approach to tourism. It's not only about attracting, but also about the experience people get, as well as the benefit to the ecosystem and the communities surrounding that area.

Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom says, “South Africa’s rich biodiversity and natural heritage found in our national parks are key tourism drawcards. We can only enhance these amazing tourism offerings by adding features like the Iconic Map of Africa Monument to deliver memorable experiences to our visitors and ensure many happy returns." 

Escape to this quiet nature space, where you stay right on the ocean, surrounded by plains of Lowland fynbos. 

2. Tankwa Karoo National Park

Stay in the isolated, but romantic cottages or go camping underneath the stars. Situated 18km away from the reception of the park, in the hills known as Elandsberg, you'll find your accommodation. Quiet, peaceful, at there is lots of space to just be. 

3. uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park

Situated between KwaZulu-Natal and the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho lies unspoiled nature at its very best. Stay in a cottage in this World Heritage Site, currently one of SA's biggest conservation areas. 

Here, tourism fuels surrounding communities, particularly investing in community conservation programmes. 

4. iSimangaliso Wetland Park

This biodiversity hot spot is home to Sodwana and Kosi Bay, wetlands, lakes, oceans, mountains and more. Escape to luxurious open spaces for a nature-based adventure.

5. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park 

This very unique landscape is ideal for a reset. The wildlife preserve in the Kalahari Desert region of Botswana (70% of the park) and South Africa also borders Namibia to the west - offering you red dunes, gemsbok and camel thorn trees.

Leading the pack in terms of cross-border conservation, Kgalagadi's vast space allows for nomadic ungulate populations and their predators to stay in balance with their environment.

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