12 Places locals love in the Cape Town CBD

2015-10-13 16:12 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - The Central Business District may just as well be called the 'Central Buzzing District' in Cape Town as this pounding heart of the Mother City is always alive a kicking in a cosmopolitan vibe. 

Local comedian and presenter Siv Ngesi took us through a tour of the Cape Town CBD, showing us that it means equally as much business as it does pleasure. Siv says the constant Cape Town CBD buzz reminds him of New York City. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these local gems and must-do’s in the heart of the Mother City: 

1. The Company’s Gardens

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2. Stable 
3. Skinny Legs & All
4. The Book Lounge

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5. The Fugard Theatre 
6. Neighbourhood
7. Beerhouse 

8. First Thursdays 

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9. District Six Museum 
10. Truth Coffee 

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11. See the 'Tweede Nuwejaar
12. Dog’s Bollocks 

Siv’s local guide form part of the Love Cape Town Neighbourhood Series, launched by Cape Town Tourism. The series showcases three CT suburbs in an intimate and revealing way. 

Which Cape Town suburb is your favourite? 

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