10 Durban street food spots you must try this summer

2016-11-11 11:50 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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If I had to choose only one destination in South Africa to eat streetfood, the choice would be an easy one. And even before Durban was named one of the best street food cities in the world - alongside other big street food names like Bangkok, Mumbai, Istanbul and Marrakesh - South Africans knew that Durban was the hottest spot in Mzansi to enjoy world-class street fare. 

We've come to love the East Coast city for its hot hearty meals - from the iconic South African bunny chow to those spicy Masala Pineapple kebabs. Now, the world knows Durban's secrets as well, as CNN recently named it southern Africa's reigning street food champ. 

"The city is known for its curries, which over the generations have adapted to South African ingredients and tastes," they say. 

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One of our favourite hides, Little Gujarat, also gets a mention, naturally. An easy kick-off to our local inside guide of where to eat in Durbs. 

Here are 10 Durban street food dives you must try this summer

Little Gujarat

Don't be fooled by the fact that Little Gujarat is vegetarian only hide. This favourite spot of ours offers the distinctly Durban bunny chow, but in a class of its own. 

It's a no-brainer everytime I visit Durbs. 


Street food at its best - we are absolutely besotted with the grilled lamb boerie, served with caremalised onion, jalapeños, gherkins, coleslaw, rocket and finished off some delicious sauce.


Afro's Chicken Shop 

This super quirky mustard yellow container serves delish chicken and "tjips" or slaw and is an awesome spot for a coffee after a run or bike ride along the promenade. 

It’s also a rad place to watch the surf as its right in front of a shipwreck!

The Spice Emporium

This is technically a spice shop, but The Snack Bar in the flagship store in the heart of Durban also serves the best vegetarian Indian food. 

The Snack Bar takes inspiration from the riotous colours, vibrancy and flavours of Indian Street food, or ‘chaat,’ as it’s known in India.

"Chaat is the the Indian version of fast food whereby people stop, stand, and have a quick snack on the side of the road, either on their way to/from work or as a break from shopping," Spice Emporium describes it. 

If you're a foodie like me, it's the best way to stock up on your spice cabinet while 'testing' some of the ingredients you're buying... for quality control, you know! 

The Prawn Shak 

This unique, rustic restaurant cooks up a selection of delightful local’s favourites far from the madding crowd on the beautiful unspoilt beach of Amatikulu, located on the North Coast, 110km from Durban.  

Yeah, I know. It's a big of a drive, but the beach vibe and finger-licking grub makes it all worth it. 

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Boiler Room 

The Boiler Room belongs to the same owners of the famous 9th Avenue Bistro and is conveniently located at the Lion Match Factory Office Park.  

It’s a sweet lunch spot where the aim is to make canteen food a little more exciting. 

I have to admit, it's not necessarily street food. But the food is delicious and the vibe is perfect for summer. 

Sunrise Chip & Ranch aka Johnny's Rotis

Aka the ONLY place to go after a night out partying in Durbs. This is as street food as it gets in Durban. 

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Fudarts' Eatery 

This food truck caters mainly at big events, like last year's Durban Street Food Festival and the likes. But we can't get enough of it's goodness! 

Especially their cajun beef burger layered with cream cheese, sweet corn and red kidney bean salsa... Ooooo! 

TurnUp Food Truck

Grilled, layered with melted cheese. TurnUp literally turns up at every Durban foodie event you need to know about, serving their morish on the masses' demand. 

I can't wait to get my next fix! 

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The Sasol Mount Edgecombe 

Do not, and I repeat DO NOT be fooled by the fact that this joint is situated at a petrol station. 

This place serves perhaps the best bunny chow in all of Durban - or at least, that's what I figured one night at 03:30am on my way home from a night out. 

They're open 24/7, of course. 

Apart from these 10 dives to check out, Durban is literally littered with INCREDIBLE street food on every corner. 

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Don't leave without trying at least 50 samoosas from at least 10 different vendors (it's easier than it sounds to consume 50 samoosas, let me tell you). 

And don't leave without eating at least a bunny a day, it's good for your health I'm told. 

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