The island featured in the infamous Fyre Island promo video is now up for sale!

2019-07-04 09:00 - Marisa Crous
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But it'll cost you $11.8 million. 

Originally marketed as Colombian crime boss, Pablo Escobar's island, this, like most things the event organiser Billy McFarland said in connection with the Fyre Festival, was empty promises/lies. 

The promo video for the festival promised a Caribbean adventure like no other. Featuring loads and loads of models and celebrities.

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However, the Fyre Festival will forever be known as the most epic music festival that never happened. The whole thing collapsed, for all the world to see on social media, and two documentaries was made about this epic fail.

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However, on the bright side, you can now own a piece of this pop culture history, as the island known as Saddleback Cay is up for sale. To be clear, the Fyre Festival was advertised to be held here, but after some issues it was moved to a location that had very little of the same charm displayed by this beautiful island.

Travel and Leisure says that Saddleback Cay is part of an island chain called the Exumas in the Bahamas. Such a beauty!

So if you have some millions to swing, this baby could be yours...

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