Seychelles: Why it's good for the soul

2016-04-28 12:30
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There is something magical about the Seychelles that leaves you feeling alive and rejuvenated, simply by its beauty and charm. It also allows all the stress of life to melt away.

If you're longing for something deeper, balm for the soul so to speak, here are a few ideas to try in this tropical paradise...  

Wellness and spa retreats.
Discover the holistic and physical benefits of yoga, enjoy the harmony and tranquility of a tai chi or qi gong retreat, or find peace for your mind and body on one of the islands. Find sanctuary in the elegant simplicity of a calm, tranquil environment that will instill in you a sense of relaxation, contemplation and renewal.

Many of the wellness and spa retreats in the Seychelles take their inspiration from the nature that surrounds them. These include:
- Pure Seychelles which provide spa and wellness holidays for groups or personalized at one of their retreats.

- The Station Seychelles is a hotel on the island of Mahe and is a destination where you can unwind, recharge and renew.

- The Banyan Tree Hotel and Spa offers their guests private pools, a butler service and exclusive facilities to ensure a health and wellness retreat.

Whether you are in need of homeopathy, healthful nurturing and pampering, a little more activity or quiet reflection with yoga & meditation, The Seychelles offers the perfect environment in which gentle, effective, professional health and wellness starts as a journey that will change your life forever.

Balm of breathtaking beauty

The stunning views and sublime beaches of the Seychelles can bring calm and tranquility to a busy mind. Or Relax on the secluded beaches, where the only sound you will hear are the waves crashing on the shore and seagulls flying overhead.

Anse Boudin is close to the coastal road leading to Anse Lazio. It is a long slender beach with very soft sands and calm sea for swimming and snorkelling
Anse Lascars beach can be reached by taking the footpath from La Passe; sandy and with shells and corals lining its shore.
Anse Georgette is Widely regarded as one of the most stunning beaches in Seychelles, framed by granite boulders, it offers powder soft sand and magnificent swimming


Reboot and re-energise 

Or Enjoy a walk along one of the many nature trails that wind along the mountain pass and that lead to you spectacular vantage points.

Dans Gallas - This trail opens up a number of different panoramic views along the route, including a stunning vista at the top that encapsulates Beau Vallon Bay, all of North Mahé, and the eastern coast down to the airport, with the whole of Victoria straight below.

Cassedent is a walk of continuous ascends and descends through fascinating communities of screw pines, a palm marsh and endemic trees, with a natural waterfall at trail’s end for the perfect resting spot.

With an altitude of 300 metres, the Glacis Trois Frères trail offers a magnificent view of Victoria, the Ste Anne Marine Park and other easterly islands in the archipelago, including Praslin and La Digue on clear days.

Morne Blanc is a continuous uphill climb from an already high-altitude starting point in the Morne Seychellois National Park, through mist forests and to the top of the mountain of Morne Blanc, with sweeping views across Mahé’s western seaboard.