Get lit for Mozambique with these traveller tips

2017-07-07 17:15 - Ishani Chetty
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Mozambique is literally located on our doorsteps and serves as a breakaway to another world. This unreal island dream is a short 1 hour and 30 mins flight or an 8 hour drive to Maputo from Jozi. The Island of romance and adventure as it is known by many - is a must-do fam!  

Spending a few days in Mozambique will send you into a state of relaxation that is hard to get out of but that just means the plans for your next trip will begin sooner! #travellingneverstops. 

Knowing how to pack and what to do before a trip can be a rather confusing process but I am here to save the day to help you #packlikeaboss and also to prevent those nasty mozzie bites from becoming more annoying than Cape Town's taxi's screaming "Wynnn-berrrrg'.

After travelling to Mozambique this June I have the best tips to ensure you do not go unprepared. 

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Traveller Hot Tips for Mozam

1. Battle of the Mozzies

- Malaria Medication: 

Malaria is a serious thing and not something that should be taken lightly like - 'yeah boet, I'm too ripped for malaria'.

No, that is not the sort of thinking you should have and even if you are ripped Malaria does not discriminate 'boet'. Those pesky #devilinsects that sing the song of their people while you try to sleep can do a whole lot of damage.

In 2015 the World Health Organization reported that there were an average of 212 million cases of infection across the world and that non- immune travellers are most at risk. 

Prior to the Trip, I had decided to make an appointment to see my doctor in order to discuss the malaria medication and I was forewarned to do this a week before the date of departure. I have known my doctor for several years and he kept it real with the medication options for anti- malaria. Regardless of final destination in Mozambique take the anti-malaria medication! 

There are three types of malaria medication available on the market and each has their own pit falls. The first option is the cheapest but must be taken for 3 months post -vacation. I can't even remember to take my vitamin C everyday! It works out to be expensive in the long term. 

The second option sounded even worse, side effects included "vomiting, night sweats, vivid dreams and mild psychosis ," said my doctor. Still wincing I responded that I'm not interested. Mild psychosis did not sound like a joy ride and I am a sissy for nightmares. #ISeeDeadPeople

The third option is the most expensive but I would rather spend the money than have recurring nightmares. The prescribed medication is called 'Malateq' and is a popular anti-malaria medication. Costing a heavy R550 for only 13 tablets - suddenly I felt a hole in my pocket #wheresmymoney. This requires taking one tablet before, during my stay and for a week more when on SA soil.

Just my luck - the medication caused slight side effects. I spent the evenings reaching for the tissue box and not the wine bottle. 

Traveller Tip: Plan ahead to purchase Malaria medication, it requires a prescription and must be taken before travel, during and after. Side effects of the medication affect each person differently.  

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- Mosquito repellents

Gin and Tonic

Bring on the G&T's! It is a myth that tonic water and gin deter mosquitoes but like we needed another reason to have a G&T on the rocks. 

Traveller Tip: Drink the Gin, just do it.

Mosquito sprays and creams 

Some hotels will provide you with a mosquito repellent spray in your room but it is advised to take sprays, creams and candles with you when travelling to Mozambique. Some local mozzie repellents to purchase are - Tabard and Peace full sleep

Although these candles will not set the 'mood' for a romantic evening for two its sure to keep the mozzies away. Mozzie nets might not always work and its good to have a back up. 

Traveller Tip: Purchase sticks, sprays, creams and candles to make sure you are extra safe. 

Modesty is the best policy

Although we would want to bear it all and enjoy the heat in Mozambique its important to cover up during the evenings when outdoors. Mozzies and ankles, its like fish to water. One look at your ankle and its siesta time for the mozzies as they enjoy their feast. Remember to cover up your arms and legs.

Otherwise you will be slapping away at your ankles and arms the whole evening - doing the 'Haka'. 

Traveller Tip: Avoid the Haka and cover up your arms and legs 

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2. Threads 

Which brings us to the issue of clothes. 

- Hot n cold

You're hot then you're cold - It sounds like a Katy Perry Song and sums up how the weather made me feel. Although it does not reach freezing temperatures like it does in SA - take a jacket and jersey with for the cooler evenings.

Traveller Tip: Pack warm items for the evening when travelling in June.

- Swim suit MUST

Although this may seem obvious,  it is crucial to mention because #beachessentials. June - August is the dry months in Mozam - the rain will not stop you from taking a dip though and it is the best tropical weather

 Indian Ocean bliss awaits! 

Traveller Tip: Take more than one bathing suit - water sport activities are a must! 

Less is more

Travelling along the Islands of Mozambique you might encounter boat rides to the final destination. Luggage should be packed lightly because not all of us are Thor. In other words avoid the hassle of lugging heavy bags on and off a boat. 

Traveller Tip: Pack light. 

- Flip Flops 

The moment you land put your flip flops on, island lifestyle is what it's all about. #savethenikes #hotashell

Traveller Tip: Let those toes breathe the fresh air too. 

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3. Water

Stick to bottled water only - if not, you might be running to the loo for more than a number two.

Traveller Tip: Bottled water is the best policy.

4. Activities - Safety First 

If you are in the mood for a romantic horse beach ride for one because #loveyourself - be prepared as you might be knocked off your socks. I do not say this lightly, from personal experience here is mine: 

Survival Kit if 'bucked' off a horse - because he's trying to say more than just 'buck' off:

1. A dipped bum - it is a warning sign they are about to take off.

2. Try to get off before he flings you off. 

3.  If flung off - lie on the ground in the fetal position - hoping you haven't broken anything. 

4. Get up slowly, cry it's okay you just saw your life flash before your eyes #IcriedItsOk

5. Head to the nearest medical centre if you feel any pain. 

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These are my personal tips of advice when travelling to Mozambique - most of all remember to keep it #lit on vacation. Do it like Dj Khaled - Order 'Another One'.

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*Disclaimer: Traveller24's Ishani Chetty was hosted by Airlink for the media trip to Mozambique