#FindYourEscape: 5 Private island getaways you wish you could afford

2018-05-25 16:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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young woman sunbathing on tiny sandy island

Where would be you're ideal private island getaway? (Photo: iStock)

When you're making cash dollar in the fast lane, you sometimes need to stop and take a breather before you work yourself into an early grave.

The biggest source of stress can be other people, and what better way to take a break from humanity than on your own private island escape?

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From renting out a whole island to sharing the space with just a few other guests, private island holidays fall in the realm of the uber-wealthy, able to whisk themselves away from the rest of society for a week, soaking in the sun and pretending the rest of the world doesn't exist. 

The rest of us will just have to fantasise about getting shipwrecked on an exotic island just so that we too can get that extra-exclusive holiday feel.

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These top 5 private island escapes will leave you building very high sandcastles in the sky.

Azura Quilalea Private Island (Mozambique)

Just a little way off from Pemba in the Quirimbas Archipelago, lies the little island of Azura Quilalea - a private island resort dedicated to giving you an intimate, private experience while unwinding on its white beaches and in the warm azure waters.

The island lies within a marine reserve, guaranteeing you sightings of an array of marine life, and the island also boasts big baobab trees. The honeymoon villa is situated in its own private section of the island, perfect for couples who want to be extra on their holiday.

Those with deep, deep pockets can even rent out the whole island to themselves and a few close friends or family members, turning the resort into a massive holiday house.

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Bawah Island (Indonesia)

This private island escape doesn't just include one small island - it's made up of an archipelago of six small islands, three lagoons and 13 beaches - all catering to a maximum of 70 guests.

Bawah Island, only accessible from Singapore on a three-and-a-half journey by boat and plane, is a hideaway filled with adventures for those who love exploring more than just lounging on the beach. 

The resort is also very big on environmentally friendly practices that sustain the natural beauty of the islands, making sure that the business and its guests don't taint what makes the area unique. The architecture is inspired by the shapes of the Bawah islands made from bamboo and other locally-sourced materials without the use of machinery.

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Necker Island (British Virgin Islands)

While this island, like many in the Caribbean, is still recovering from the devastating hurricane season from last year, it's still a must-do private island getaway because of its larger-than-life owner - Richard Branson!

This billionaire's escape is mostly only rented out as a whole at a whopping price tag of $60 000 (about R760 767 at R12.68/$) per night for 30 adults and six children, but there are also special weeks of the year where they allow single room bookings for all-inclusive seven nights per couple between $31 575 (about R400 353) to $51 030 (about R647 032).

The staff throw themed parties like Casino Night, Disco Fever and Beach Party which you can choose yourself, and they can also organise Beach Olympics for those with less debaucherous tastes, although this also includes Champagne Diving in their main pool. 

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Turtle Island (Fiji)

This Pacific island is most known for being the spot where the famous Blue Lagoon movie was shot, and like its characters you too may feel like a castaway on its private shores - albeit in luxury.

Its owner spent years replanting trees and creating an ecological haven for those Wall Street bankers and tech billionaires needing an escape from their fast-paced lives. Besides the usual coastal and island offerings, you can also immerse yourself in Fijian culture with the villagers who helped build the resort.

You can take part in a kava ceremony - when important events are marked by sharing a pepper drink - or listen to the stories told through dance, chants and clapping of the traditional meke performances.

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Silver Island (Greece)

If you want to escape the bustling resorts of Greece's populated islands, you can head off on a tranquil journey to Silver Island, known for its yoga escapes, olive groves, cypress trees and expansive Mediterranean views.

In order to get in touch with your inner calm self, the island is completely off the grid and only has a few traditional Greek houses, church and lighthouse, depending completely on rainfall and the sun for its power and water.

They also host market days where guests can buy locally produced products to take home, from yoga blankets to bee bread to olive oil, and all meals made on the island is vegetarian from seasonal and organic ingredients.

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