WATCH: Why you should put enchanting, modern Japan on your bucket list

2018-07-17 19:00 - Ethan Van Dieman
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Japan is a beautiful, enchanting and modern country that is rightfully on many people’s bucket list. That being said, many people only have a very narrow idea of what it is and what it means to be Japanese.

The video attempts to expand on that narrow definition. 

Many travellers to Japan limit their experiences to the major cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. However, if what you seek is a truly authentic Japan then you have got to make your way to regional Japan. 

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The video takes viewers along the journey as they travel to the Akita prefecture and regional Ugo town.

In this snowy regional Japanese town, travellers can expect to enjoy and live a truly authentic Japanese lifestyle while having many traditional Japanese experiences.

From learning how to make Soba noodles with Soba noodle masters to dancing the famous Bon Odori dance, taking Japanese language classes at a Japanese primary school to living the temple life with meditation, calligraphy and tea ceremonies to learning how to make mochi and tempura from scratch - it's all possible in Ugo.

So head out there and explore the beauties of nature and, in doing so, learn about yourself and Japan in Ugo. 

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Plan Your Trip to Ugo, Japan: 

  • Do SA residents need a visa: Yes, a tourist visa is required. For more information go here.  
  • Currency & exchange rate: Japanese Yen - ¥1 = R0,12
  • Main Airport: Akita Airport 
  • Airlines that travel there: Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, British Airways, Ryanair and easyJet, and more etc. Search for flights here.