WATCH: Top 10 wacky wines from around the world

2019-01-11 19:00
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Wine. From pinotage to shiraz, sauvignon blanc to chardonnay, the fermented grape juice has for much of human history been a part of much merry-making, social and cultural tradition and 3am phone calls to your ex more recently. 

It has evolved and become part of much of the world's diet, culture and life more generally. It is associated with cultural refinement, the good life going from a source of nutrition to a cultural complement to food and sociability. 

Wine, like most alcoholic beverages is not socially neutral. The drink like many others have an embedded symbolic meaning attached to it that conveys a wine. This is true for wine. The video above and the wines mentioned therein confuse this slightly...

What messages do drinking these wines send? Check out the video above and see some of the craziest wines from around the world.  

Snake Wine

Pumpkin Wine

Seagull Wine 

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Jalapeno Wine

Lizard Wine

Blue Wine

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Coffee-flavoured Wine

Meteorite Wine

Tiger Bone Wine

Cannabis Wine

WATCH: Dive down to this underwater wine cellar in Croatia

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