WATCH: Taste the Swiss region of Gruyères through its cheese fondues

2019-01-01 14:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cheese fondue is a staple of the Swiss diet, especially in winter. The oldest recipe dates back to the 17th century.

And one of the best places to taste this iconic dish in is the Gruyères region of western Switzerland in the Canton of Fribourg - where the famous cheese of the same name is from.

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You can even visit a museum about the cheese and fondue in the town of Bulle, where you can also learn how gruyère is made.

Although fondue has gone through many renditions around the world, the best place to have traditional fondue is right here.

How to get to Gruyères

The airports in the region are very small with limited flights, so the best way to get there is by train, which you can take from Geneva and Zurich to the region's cities like Fribourg and Bern. You can also take the train to the smaller towns from these two cities. 

As Switzerland forms part of the European Union, you will need a Schengen visa to go.

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