The ultimate 'Game of Thrones' travel guide

2017-07-21 11:53 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - With Game of Thrones finally back on our screens, we can start our travel wanderlust list again - because let's be honest, we all wish we could be like Daenerys or John Snow, towering above in our beautiful, wonderful lands. 

Nearly everyone has become a crazed fan of Game of Thrones and even if you admit to yourself that you aren't an obsessed fan, you were definitely secretly singing a victory song in your head when King Geoffrey killed himself.

It has become so popular that it has develop its own acronym - GOT, as the fans like to call it. 

The popularity of this show reached new heights when it became the theme of birthdays and even weddings. A wedding theme photography shoot was carried out by Katherine Elena and is bound to get the female fans excited.

Spoilers alert: If you haven't watched Game of Thrones yet then please excuse the cues of information below. 

Game of Thrones is fiction, but the places that many of the kingdoms were created and filmed at are in fact real and you can go visit them. 

Jon Snow might know nothing but we sure do.

Game of Thrones: Ultimate Travel Guide

1. Malta , Azure Window - Daenarys and Khal Drogo's wedding venue

Traveller Tip: The Azure Window unfortunately was destroyed due to a natural disaster and the strong motion of the ocean. It is now missing its beautiful window. Malta is known for its crystal clear ocean that provides a paradise of diverse ocean life. 

2. Northern Island, Ballintoy Harbor - The Iron Islands (home to the Greyjoys)

Ballintoy, also known as The Iron Islands, Game of Thrones

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Traveller Tip: If you want to experience the true Ireland 'rural' setting along the coast, then head over to Ballintoy harbour, a small town and breathe in the ocean bliss.

3. Malta, Fort Manoel - Scaffold of Kings landing 


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Traveller Tip: Ed Sheeran visited Kings Landing but alas, he did not find love. Get a visual view of where the centre stage of GOT takes place. 

4. Iceland - Beyond the wall 

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Traveller Tip: Visit Jon Snow's post and find out if the wall is really as strong as the Meisters claim. Iceland is a must-visit destination as it is home to some of the world's most breathtaking natural sights. 

5. Scotland and Northern Ireland - Winterfell

Northern Ireland 

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Traveller Tip: Jon Snow is holding the power of the North and Winterfell - fans could not be happier about this. Ireland is a focal shooting location for Game of Thrones as it offers various locations. If you are heading to Scotland, do visit Fingal's cave - a wonder of a cave formed on the ocean. 

SEE: MAP: Where to see all the Game of Thrones locations

6. Northern Ireland, Tollymore Forest Park - Winterfell forests

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Traveller Tip: Home to some of the oldest trees in Ireland, its greenery and lush settings will send you into a woodland fairy-land. The forest is located on a park that is a hot tourist spot. 

7. Dubrovnik and Split Croatia - Kings Landing


Traveller Tip: Split Croatia is home to a thriving culture and heritage, and the beaches are a wonderful destination to visit to unwind. Dubrovnik has the most beautiful nooks and crannies to discover as you explore the city. You might be reminded of Cersie's walk of 'shame' as you walk through the cities. 

8. Northern Ireland, Glens of Antrim - The Dothraki sea

Traveller Tip: The Glen sits in its private hideaway and is most famous for its festival held in August. The views are definitely  worth the trip to this beautiful part of Ireland. 

9. Northern Ireland, The Dark Hedges - The Kings road 

It's so enchanting, it doesn't seem real... but it is. #darkhedges

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Traveller Tip: This is a must-see as the trees were planted by the Birch family in the 18th century and have formed a tunnel made of trees.

10. Iceland, Grjoragja - Jon and Ygritte's cave 

Traveller Tip: The cave is home to a hot spring with the most dazzling blue color, but unfortunately you are not allowed to swim in the water. It is a natural marvel! Jon and Ygritte's romance lives on in real life saving the Game of Thrones fans from heartbreak. 

11. Dubrovnik ,Lokrum Island - Qarth

Traveller Tip: It is known as the island-life paradise of Croatia - a must visit to see the iron thrown as there is an exhibition held in the city. 

12. Croatia, Minceta Tower - The house of the undying 

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Traveller Tip: This castle was built in 1464 and had been used to store water for the city.  Dubrovnik is home to many sectors in which Game of Thrones was shot - the focal point of Kings Landing is Dubrovnik. 

13. Morocco, Essaouira - Slavers Bay 

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Traveller Tip: If you remember, this is where Daenerys took control and showed us a whole new side to her character. It is essentially a beach city and many people flock to this part of Morocco to get a good tan and relax on the beach. It provides serenity and is peaceful.

14. Morocco, Ourarzazate - Braavos 

Traveller Tip: The red citadel city will keep you in awe of its beauty as it cascades against a green environment. 

15. Spain, Seville - Water Palaces of Dorne 

This pond within the Alcazár was used during filming GoT, though the water was dyed bright blue for it.

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Traveller Tip: The Alcazar of Spain that is used to represent the Dorne empire is a real castle and is the oldest European castle that is still fully used today. 

16. Spain, Seville -  Osuna Bullring ,Great Pit of Daznak 

Traveller Tip: If you are not one to watch bull fights you are still able to visit the ring when it is not in use.

With the new season 7 just beginning, we cannot wait to see the new locations that are used for the show - it is bound to make our travel bucket list even longer. 

Live like royalty with Airbnb

Airbnb has partnered with the locations that were used for Game of Thrones. Now you can look over Dubrovnik and imagine you are Queen of Kings Landing or better yet experience the Lands of Winterfell where the Stark family roots are set up. 

1. Dubrovnik - Kings Landing 

Stay in the town of Dubrovnik in a two bedroom apartment that boasts some of the oldest architecture in the city. Feel the royalty and elegance of Kings Landing.


2. Northern Ireland, Galyway- The North 

Why not splash out on a holiday and live in a castle? Here you will be able to feel the real mood of 'The Kingdom of the North' as it whisks you away with a fairy-tale stay. The castle has 5 bedrooms and can accommodate a whole family. 


There are several more locations of GOT that Airbnb is offering click here for more information. 

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