'Joker' stairs overrun as Insta-tourists assume the selfie position

2019-10-24 18:50
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Tourists flock all over the world to attractions made famous by movies and series. 

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Posing at the 'Joker' stairs at West 167th Street in The Bronx, US has become a bit of an online sensation of late. The latest film, featuring Joaquin Phoenix shows the Joker do a little dance on the long staircase - 131 steps to be exact. 

New york

(PHOTO: Toshi Sasaki, Getty Images) 

Because of this scene, the stairs have become the latest backdrop for the perfect Insta-pic. Whether dressed up as the Joker or just in normal civvies, the stairs are busier than ever before with tourists hoping to get their shot.

We are even surprised some managed to get one without people in the background.

Behind the scenes...

But, despite all the fun and games, Travel and Leisure reports that residents are, understandably, fed-up. Most likely they'd be keen to Joker kick Insta-tourists instead of dancing along with them, like this...

Residents use these steps to get to work or they rush down them to take their kids to school in the morning. Now it's just an obstacle course. 

A place like Die Bo-Kaap is in the same boat. The hype around the Joker will probably fade soon, while Die Bo-Kaap residents face this type of reality daily. Right at their doorstep. 

Respect the residents at all costs, wherever you are. You're just a guest, they actually live there. 

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