Flower-filled balconies, colourful buildings and lovers abound in Cartagena, Colombia

2018-11-07 21:00
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Bookseller Martin Murillo Gomez lives in a city as colourful as a paint box. Walking through its streets with their bright buildings is a pleasure he loves to share.

The city is unique because of the many flowers, the colonial style houses with their balconies which have been preserved for centuries and the variety of colours here.

Gomez spends his days on the streets of Cartagena with his book barrow. He considers himself as something akin to a library on wheels, always looking for readers, literature lovers who enjoy reading in the beautiful surroundings.

The historical centre of Cartagena fascinates Gomez most of all. There is a story behind ever facade and with all the colour and history, it is no surprise that this is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Holy Trinity Square in the Getsemani district is a funky area where daily life is relaxed. Children play in the square, grandmothers sit outside in the afternoon, people play dominoes and listen to music. Getsemani offers popular culture and Caribbean flair and the prices are affordable.

When you want to enjoy a good meal, there are more than enough places nearby to satiate any appetite. Make sure to try out the Caribbean cuisine with dishes such as coconut rice and fried plantains.

For the historians and culturally curious, the Old Town wall is a great place to visit. These historical ramparts of the colonial era in Cartagena are today the site of lovers reciting poetry and whispering sweet nothings to one another. Others come by just to hang out and relax. On your next trip to Colombia, the choice of what you do in this wonderful place is up to you.

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